We recently completed the entire campaign series for top bespoke shoe design company, Shoes of Prey Australia.  Theirs is a unique business, they have built a super swanky interface that lets you design your dream shoe.  You pick your own shape, heel size, material, finishing, colour and embellishments.  It’s a dream come true and working for them has been a dream come true for us.   

Working with fellow creatives on images like this is truly exciting.  We had to rebuild completely new backgrounds for them, and make sure everything looked slick and polished. 

High end fashion retouching always starts with good dialogue with the client.  We ask a few basic questions like the final style they want to achieve, the message of the campaign and the intended audience.  This helps determine how rough or polished the final edit should be. 

Just as no two thumb prints are alike, so no two fashion companies are alike… and the aesthetic of image finishing varies from one client to the next. We always listen and assist based on what you want.

Do you have fashion or editorial images that need editing? Send us a message and let’s get talking!

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