Capturing Colour, Cut and Clarity

A lot of care, hours, lighting, styling and detail go into the setup of jewellery photography.  The attempt to capture the perfect shot that does justice to the colour, cut and clarity of the gemstone and its setting.  But even after the perfect shot, sometimes the reflections and the lighting are almost perfect but not quite.  And this is where photo retouching professionals like us come in.

We don’t just enhance your jewellery photos – we compose a story with them.  Because jewellery could be so much more than just image on white backgrounds.

With hundreds of hours of experience on thousands of of different image pieces, our team understands what it takes to make the colour, cut and clarity of your jewellery really shine.

In this Gallery you’ll find jewellery photos that are not just edit work, but compositions.

In our Jewellery Retouching gallery, you’ll get to see some of the work with done with brands like Kate Spade, Matthiew Deluc, Sarah Jordan and Dior to name a few.

While most of the projects featured here are more composition than edits, we’ve done our fair share of jewellery editing for e-commerce websites as well.

Send us samples of your photos and let us surprise you with the artwork we can compose with a little time and a lot of caring.

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