Wedding Retouching Techniques that Mirror Your Style

Deliver the quality of photos your clients expect and be free to accept more clients with our wedding photo editing service. With Paper Boat Creative as your preferred photo editing and retouching experts, you can focus your attention on your clients, especially at the peak of wedding season.

You shouldn’t have to turn away clients because you’re already swamped with work. While only you can work your magic behind the camera lens, someone else can cull your photos and take over the colour correction, white balance adjustments, skin retouching, and other photo editing tasks. We offer our services for your convenience.

Paper Boat Creative has worked with many wedding photographers to bring their vision to life. We study your work and take note of your special requests to uphold your standards of quality and artistry, ensuring that our editing reflects your style. When you send us your photos, you can rest assured that they are in capable hands.

Our Wedding Photography Editing Services

Wedding Photography Post-Production

When your schedule leaves no room even for culling photos, you’ll need all the help you can get to make deadlines. With Paper Boat Creative, you’ll have wedding photo retouchers taking care of your work from start to finish.

Wedding Photo Retouching

Wedded couples display their wedding photos in a place of honour in their homes. Through professional photo retouching, we can help you give your clients wedding photos that they’ll be proud to frame and show to their families and friends.

Colour Correction & Editing

Even with careful staging, changes in indoor and outdoor lighting can still affect your pictures’ quality. Red eyes require minor changes, but it becomes a burden when you have over 500 shots to go through. Leave this tedious work to us.

Bridal Portrait Editing

No one gets photographed more during a wedding than the bride. She deserves to have a portrait that will bring back every happy moment of her wedding day each time she looks at it. Our retouching experts will make your client look her best on her bridal portrait.

Wedding Background Enhancement

Many things can happen when you photograph the bride and groom. A straggler could walk into view or traces of old graffiti could register more clearly than you intended on a photo. If you let us, we can remove these out-of-place elements from your shots.

Photography Retouching for Wedding Albums

Our retouching and photo editing specialists are talented storytellers. So, when we retouch for wedding albums, we don’t just focus on enhancing individual images. We make sure that each photo plays a part in telling your client’s story beautifully.

Why Work with Our Wedding Photo Retouchers?

Paper Boat Creative is a team of experienced wedding photo retouchers who can match your demands for quality and stylistic flair. Although we focus on your photos, our services, on the whole, can help you grow your business.

Impress your clients with work that’s been enhanced by professionals who are proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom wedding photo editing and retouching. The gains to your business will follow soon after.

  • Fast turnaround time – We can get started with culling, editing, and retouching your photos as you go on to your next wedding. There’s no time wasted, and you can deliver the finished work on the dates you promised.
  • Refined retouching – We work fast without compromising our output. Our photo retouchers spend time on images that require more attention, like shots with distracting power lines, stragglers, and other unnecessary elements in the frame.
  • Artistic editing – We pay attention to photo clarity, textures and colours. We keep photos as true to their subject as possible even as we highlight the central features of each image, whether it’s the bride, groom, guests or the surrounding landscape.
  • Consistent quality – Working with us ensures you deliver high-quality photos consistently to your clients. Consistency adds to your credibility, and it encourages satisfied customers to recommend you to the people they know. 

Complete Post-Production Services under One Roof

Your work doesn’t end when the reception’s over. Having worked with wedding photographers in the seven years that our company has been in business, we’ve come to understand how much time, effort, and resources go into delivering a wedding photography package.

We can help ease your workload with our post-production services. More than doing red-eye corrections, removing wrinkles from the groom’s dress shirt and retouching the bride’s skin to give her a wedding-day glow, we also make creative compositions for photo albums.

Make your clients’ wedding albums come out beautifully, with each photo imbued with the spirit of the day. With Paper Boat Creative, we help you make this possible.

Wedding Photography Post-Production Services You Can Count On

We applaud your efforts to make every wedding photo shoot as smooth sailing as possible. Now, it’s time to take a break and prepare for your next project. You don’t need to worry about falling behind schedule on your deliverables, either, when you have Paper Boat Creative taking care of your wedding photography post-production needs. 

Photoshop Specialists with a Fondness for Weddings

Weddings, no matter how simple or grand, are happy events that celebrate love and family. For this reason, wedding photos are among our favourites to retouch and edit.

The cheerful smiles on the guests’ faces and the loving glances between the bride and groom are simple details that make wedding pictures priceless. Looking at these photos, even in their raw form, gives us a happy feeling. We want to elicit the same emotions in others when they look at your photos after we retouch them.

High-End Wedding Photo Retouching

We are professionals in every sense of the word. We love what we do, and we continuously improve our craft. We use the latest technology and stay updated on wedding photo trends to better understand your ideas, concepts, and goals for your clients’ photos.

As a result, our airbrushing and touch-up techniques are more refined. We make the details and textures of your photos clearer and their colours more vibrant. More importantly, we make sure your photos depict the festive emotions and atmosphere of your clients’ weddings.

Entrust your precious photos to our artists. Contact us when you need high-end wedding photo retouching.

Wedding Photography Editing by Paper Boat Creative

Let our professional wedding photo retouchers handle the post-production work for you. We will imbue your photos just a touch of dreaminess. They’ll turn out tasteful and timeless. When your clients look at the pictures you took, they’ll think back fondly on one of the happiest days of their lives. Our eye for editing will exceed their expectations so the next time they need a professional photographer, they’ll know you’re the best person to call.

Allow us to clear any doubts you may have. Take a look at some of our previous touch-ups and edits.


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