Architecture Photography

architecture photography

Location Clean Up

Interior Color Balancing

Precise Clipping Path for Interior Photos

architecture photography

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Architectural Photo Editing and Retouching That Preserves The Truth About Your Property

Real estate photos require a different kind of treatment from other types of commercial photography and editing. While the goal of high-end architectural photo retouching service is to enhance an image by brightening dark areas and correcting color saturation, there’s a responsibility to preserve the true nature of the room, as well. Heavy editing can make real estate photos look different from the actual property, which can put you in hot water with clients.

What you need is a post-production team that will show your property in the best — and an honest — light. Our team of graphic artists and digital photo retouchers and editors are just as proficient at enhancing property photos as they are with still-life and live portraits

Get in touch with the Paper Boat Creative team. Our architectural photo editing services are available to you anytime.

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Architecture Photography Services for Agents and Sellers

A property’s curb appeal matters to real estate buyers, but they don’t have to visit every property they’re considering. Most of them will simply ask for photographs and whittle their list down based on what they see. We can help you draw your clients’ attention to your property’s best outdoor features through our architectural photography and editing service.

architecture photography
architecture photography

Site visit and planning

Every location is unique – each location must be carefully studied to bring out its unique features. Our team will head to your site and meticulously analyze each spot to determine the best angles for every photo. We’ll begin planning so we know the specific areas you want to highlight.

Location set design

Some locations, such as model units, need furniture and homeware to complete the space. We can help you set up your location according to your specific needs to make it as presentable and stylish as possible.

Multiple exposure photography

Minimalist designs are trendy, but that doesn’t mean all walls have to be bare. Through expert use of the clipping path tool, we can change the color or wallpaper of an entire room with just the click of a couple of buttons. It won’t matter if furniture or people are standing in the way; our work is flawless.

architecture photography

Interior Photography

Our expert interior photography can help interior designers, real estate developers, and brokers get the lifestyle and interior photographs they need to win over the trust of their clients. Our aim is to show your location at its best.

Location Photography

It takes special skills to make exterior architectural photography appealing and its perspectives true to life. We’ll take our team of urban architecture photographers and head to wherever you may be to take photos of your location that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate.

Architectural Photo Retouching

Retouching architectural photos requires a precise balance. You need to ensure that your location looks good in all the photos. Hand the difficult task of showing off your properties in the best light on photos over to us; our exceptional retouchers will take care of your real estate photos while still staying true to what they look like in real life.

Interior Photo Editing: Encourage Buyers to Visualize ​

Interior photography retouching can make the best indoor features of your property stand out. The trick is to combine retouching and editing techniques like exposure adjustment and perspective distortion correction. This type of editing requires a keen eye and an expert artist’s hand to accomplish — advantages we apply to our real estate photo editing services.

Enhancing Real Estate Photos through High Dynamic Range Imaging

Paper Boat Creative offers a special service for an industry whose need for high-end photography and editing is often overlooked: real estate. Our photography and editing for architectural images reveals the practical and aesthetic details of a structure while maintaining a perfect balance of illumination and shadow throughout the frame. We piece together several versions of a photo, each with a different exposure, to create one high-definition image that’s undoubtedly captured and edited by professionals.

Allow us to breathe life into your real estate photos so your prospective buyers and tenants can see their full potential.

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Photo Editing Benefits Architects and Developers

We strive to make real estate images look realistic, even as we add dramatic touches like light flares and filler images. Buyers and renters who browse the Internet or print magazines look for properties they can picture themselves in. They’re not satisfied with one image taken from the curb; they’ll want to see the house or condo from every angle, both inside and outside.

Real estate customers find honesty in the finer details. Your photos, therefore, must show what your property looks like when viewed in person; and since many details can get lost on camera, our architectural photo editing team will bring them back through a variety of post-production editing and retouching techniques.

Choose Paper Boat Creative for Real Estate Retouching Services

Fulfill your calling as a real estate agent who helps people find homes and establish roots where they can feel safe and be part of the local community.

After all, buying a house is a long-term commitment and might even be a lifelong investment for your clients. Help them find the right home, one where they can raise families, live their best years, and retire in comfort. They’ll remember you not as the person who sold them a house but as the one who helped them achieve a major life milestone.

Paper Boat Creative Team

Paper Boat Creative can be your partner in your real estate career. Our real estate photography, editing, and retouching services can make your job easier. By using high-quality photos that show the best views of a property, you’ll have a better chance at attracting buyers and closing sales.

Talk to us about your real estate photography needs. Get in touch with Paper Boat Creative today


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