Professional Photography Editing

Professional Photography Editing Services

Whether it is a full-blown marketing project, an ad campaign, a magazine cover, or display ads, the best brands in the world need 2 things:  a professional photographer, complimented by a great post-production house.

The PaperBoat is proud to have worked with some of the best photographers in advertising such as Sean Fennessy from Australia, Leo Beiber and Will Pryce from the UK and Jill Greenberg from USA.

We are privileged to have earned the trust of some of the most respected photographers in the world, and it’s all due to one thing in our Team’s DNA – an obsessive commitment to quality.

Professional photography editing and post-production is the final touch to creating a visual masterpiece.  One that we, our partner photographers, and the brands we work with are all proud to put our name on.

Our work has been published on some of the web, and the world’s most respected publications such as Wired Magazine, Campaign UK, and Creative Arts magazine.  We’ve also won several commercial photography awards.

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More than Editing, It’s a Composition

We don’t treat our editing as a job order – for us, it’s a visual composition.  Balancing texture, colour, lighting, subjects, and all other elements that come together to create a visually stunning image require an appreciation that a composition is part art, part science, part story, and a lot of care.

We believe that it takes an artist to understand an artist.  We’ve done photography, so we understand the painstaking work involved in capturing not just any image, but the perfect picture.  We give that effort the respect it deserves by giving it no less effort in the post-production work.  There is nothing more satisfying that knowing you devoted as much time, energy, and care into a project as your partner photographers and be part of a team that tells a compelling story.

Compelling enough, to be displayed all over Heathrow Airport.

Showcasing Some of of Our Best Photography Post-Production

Image retouching may be a work of art, but Professional Photography Editing is a work of heart.  You have to have an appreciation for the art of photography, an obsession for quality, and experience with Visual Storytelling.

Creating a composite from different photo elements and bringing them together to create captivating, storytelling images requires skill, passion and experience.

Evolving with You

As Paper Boat continues to evolve into a more and more seasoned post production agency for photo retouching, and through many years of experience working with businesses and photographers, we’ve learned how to adjust and adapt, giving top quality service, and also being an avenue for nurturing local creativity. As technology changes, we adapt to it, allowing our service to you to always be fresh and of top quality

If you’d like to see some of our Photography Post Production work, follow this link to our Gallery.

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