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Make a Great Impression with Professional Corporate Headshot Photography Services

Corporate photos are the windows through which potential customers scrutinize your business. Those who are unfamiliar with your brand will form an impression based on the pictures of the people who make up your company.

As such, the corporate photography services you hire should be nothing less than professional and flawless.

Photos of superior quality enhance the perceived value of your business and, consequently, encourage people to purchase. In contrast, poor quality photos convey an air of indifference; no one would want to work with a brand that projects itself in sloppy, blurred, or inconsistent images.

Think of your photos as a digital introduction: at the first meeting between you and potential customers, you need to be professional and impressive. And the professional photographers and photo editors from Paper Boat Creative deliver just that.

Forging Better Connections with Your Customers

Our corporate photography goes beyond producing pretty photos; we enable you to forge a strong brand identity, build your company story visually, and execute consistent image branding strategies.

  • Strong Brand Identity – Whatever identity you wish to portray, our corporate headshot photography will deliver. We could go from stark-white backgrounds (for a no-nonsense persona) to an on-location photo (for a whimsical and playful personality).
  • Convincing Visual Storytelling – We take pictures of the actual people that your readers will work with and give your company a relatable face. This visual human touch makes for better storytelling, which, in turn, makes your company approachable.
  • Consistent Image Branding – With the help of our corporate portrait photographer, you can create a portfolio of headshots that you can use in your website, blogs, press releases, and social media accounts, to ensure you brand images curated and consistent.

Let’s create professional and on-brand photos of your workforce. Call Paper Boat Creative for inquiries today.

Our Brand of Corporate Photography​

Paper Boat Creative doesn’t just set up lights, take photos, and call it a day. We recognize that photos make or break a conversion on a web page, so we convey our years of corporate portrait photography experience into every shot we take.

We use top-rated photography equipment. Your employees are shot using the best lenses and lighting to produce stunning photos. We invest heavily in equipment for our photography projects.

We guide you in posing for the camera. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, so we provide instructions on how to pose, smile, and feel at ease.

We take it from there. Our team takes care of the photo editing and cropping work afterward to ensure that the images are the best that they can be. All you need to do is sit still for a little bit and smile.

03 Headshot Photography Option 5
Professional Corporate Headshots

Present customers with corporate headshots that show you mean business. Our corporate headshot photography captures the capabilities and experience of your team and shows clients the driving force behind your brand’s success. Our team presents your workforce in the best light to encourage people to explore your offers and convert into paying clients.

03 Headshot Photography Option 3
Natural Portrait Photos

Establish your brand’s personality with portraits of your corporate environment. A photo of your employees in their work area creates a rich story that customers can relate to. Corporate portraits show that your work is more than just a desk job; it’s a collaboration by dynamic people in a dynamic business setting.

04 Corporate lifestyle photography Option 5
Pictures for Every Type of Businesses

Get professional corporate photography services that match the size and needs of your company. Paper Boat Creative works with large firms, established brands, small start-ups, and everything in between. We can match the volume of the photos you need and deliver them — cropped and edited — on-time.

04 Corporate lifestyle photography Option 7
Photos that Match Your Brand Identity

Showcase your business narrative through corporate portraiture. Your employee’s portraits will reflect your brand persona and the nature of your business. Whether you’re a results-driven marketing company or a quirky ice cream shop, we see to it that portraits, when put together, weave a company story that leaves an impression.

boss addressing a big group of employees
Images with a Customizable Style

Choose your style of backgrounds for your headshots and portraits. We’ll work closely with you to select plain or textured backgrounds for your headshots. If you’re doing on-location portraits, we’ll help choose picturesque parts of your business premises. Whatever your preferred style, we’ll make it look professionally done.

04 Corporate lifestyle photography Option 1
Composed and Comfortable Looks

Look your best in your photo. Our photographers have an eye for posing and bringing out your camera charm, and we’ll guide you into giving your best in every shot. We’ll put you at ease under the lights, so you can exude a quiet confidence in your corporate headshot or portrait.

Impeccable Corporate Photography Post-Production

Leave the post-production work to Paper Boat Creative. We’ve worked with various businesses from different industries, but our editing principles remain the same: we don’t change photos, we improve them. We enhance the skin and smile, without removing the personality from your employees’ photos.

Non-Destructive Photo Retouching – Though our corporate headshot photography produces excellent images, there’s still a way to improve them. Our retouching services remove the flaws of the photo while keeping the natural texture and color of the face, hair, and clothes. We take care not to distort the original photo — we simply make local adjustments to soften the skin, enhance the iris, whiten the teeth, smooth out the hair, and more.
Background Retouching – Since the background is a crucial element of environmental photos, we retouch it in such a way that it would bring the focus to the subject: your employees. Our photo editors take care not to compromise the ambiance created by the corporate portrait photographer. We, however, retain the small background details that refine the image.

Skin Retouching – While we want to keep your corporate headshots as natural-looking as possible, we will enhance the skin to present your employees in the most favorable light. We remove jarring imperfections, like fine lines, red patches, and zits, and fix uneven skin tones.

Learn more about how we’ll retouch your photos. Contact us about our corporate photography editing services.


Work with a Premium Editing and Post Production house with a global clientele and discover why some of the world’s best brands choose to work with the Paper Boat.

    Paperboat Creative Team

    Work with Seasoned Corporate Photographers and Photo Editors​

    Paper Boat Creative brings together the leading experts in corporate portrait photography. Our collaborative and dynamic team has one goal in mind: to show your customers the people side of your company.

    • Over a Decade of Experience – It’s easy to say that we’ve been around for a while, but what makes our ten years in the industry special is our commitment toward improvement — we were there as the demand for high-quality images exploded, and we’re proud to say that we’ve always been ahead of the competition. We’ve evolved into a seasoned photography agency, ready to provide top-rated corporate photography services.
    • Projects from Different Industries – From huge corporations to casual mom-and-pop shops, Paper Boat Creative has worked with different kinds of brands. In fact, our director, Rebecca van Ommen, has worked for Jamie Oliver, Douglas Cuddle Toys, 77 Diamonds, and more; we know how to meet different needs and cater to different brand personas.
    • Passion for What We Do – We love showing people at their best, especially when it translates to leads and sales for your company. The Paper Boat Creative team gives our best in every photo editing project we do. In fact, we channel ten years’ worth of experience into all our professional corporate headshots.

    Let’s create excellent photos that show the spirit of your company. Email us today at [email protected].

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