Kinetic Photography - Capturing Motion

If there is any secret to sports photography, it is the ability to capture motion!  There’s photography of moving people, then there’s photography that moves people!  That is the challenge in sports photography.  Then, even after the perfect shot, it’s a one in a million coincidence that all elements will be perfect.

This is where we come in.  Professional post production houses like our are masters at creating a compelling story about your image.

Don’t take my word for it, have a browse at our gallery below to see how we don’t just eliminate image flaws – we perfect stories.  

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Before And After Images

Welcome to our Sports Gallery.  Here we feature some of our favorite pieces from campaigns with some of the world’s most respected brands such as Umbro, Nike, Adidas and Le Col. 

Some of the featured images have a before and after function to show you what the raw photography subject looked like initially, and how they appeared after being “storified.”

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