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Let Beauty Shine and Take Center Stage

Beauty photography plays a big role in the beauty as well as the fashion industry. From magazines to social media, billboards, print ads, and catalogs, having the perfect image can make the difference between selling your product and brand or losing your customer.

Beauty photography is more than just making your model look good. It’s about catching your audience’s attention and making a connection with them. The best professional beauty and fashion photographers know how to make a lasting impression – one that will stay attached in the mind’s of whoever will see your product and brand.

It’s all in the details.

Our passion for photography goes beyond just shooting photos. It’s a commitment to planning the entire process – from helping you conceptualize your shoot, connecting you with the right models, finding you talented hair and makeup artists, to editing and post-processing your photos to ensure that every single detail turns out just right.

At Paper Boat Creative, no detail is too small for us to be ignored.

Beauty Photography Services

Concept and Planning

Beauty by definition covers a very broad range of imagery, from natural-looking makeup to extreme avant-garde looks. Whatever it is you have in mind, we can brainstorm ideas with you, develop mood boards based on what you like, and expand on the idea so that we have a very precise plan of how to shoot for you.

Styling, Hair, and Makeup

If you need additional production services, we can help pair you with the right stylists, makeup artists as well as model casting agencies to create the perfect team. Working with professionals who have had experience doing beauty photography will make the day run smoothly, and will ensure you get the right photos for your business.

Natural Beauty Photography

Skin should look like skin – fresh and light, radiant and glowing. We bring in our most powerful beauty photo equipment, from studio lights, cameras, lenses, and reflectors to capture everything in hyper detail. We understand the importance of matching the mood of the model to the makeup style, and we know how to quickly maneuver lights for fast change of poses.

Cosmetics Beauty Photography

Sometimes a business has a special product they want to feature being used on the model – it can be lipstick, foundation, eye makeup, primer, eyebrow or eyelash enhancement products, bronzers, and more. Other times it’s more of a thematic look that we aim to create for a specific mood or season. The end photos are high in detail, but with a fashionable, dramatic flare.

Creative Beauty Photography

If you’re interested in communicating a creative idea, or a specific mood for your marketing materials, we can help you. We can work on collaborative initiatives with other artists and painters in making creative and conceptual beauty photography. Many times, there are even techniques of painting styles that are not precise enough, so we utilize our photo retouching team to make the idea as clear as possible.

Beauty Photo Retouching

High-end beauty photo retouching involves a very detailed, meticulous approach in cleaning up every single pore, scar, stain of makeup, misplaced hair or eyelash. Our team are experts at beauty photo retouching. We use the most advanced techniques in removing blemishes, repairing skin, as well as patching and blending areas together for a much smoother finish.

A Creative team you can trust​

You’ve put in hours of work conceptualizing, planning, and shooting spectacular beauty photos. Now is the time that you leave the final finishes to us.
Paper Boat Creative’s team of skilled craft and design specialists are the heart of our beauty photo editing services. Our staff is composed of concept artists and illustrators who combine digital illustrations with traditional crafts to make your photos even more special.

We also keep you involved in every phase of the photo enhancement process. Our account managers make sure that we meet your needs and even exceed your expectations.

If you have special concerns, feel free to talk to us. Our creatives team are always eager to listen to your suggestions and feedback. If you want us to change something with our edits, let us know ASAP. You are our client; therefore, your needs are our priorities.

Paper Boat Creative is your partner in producing breathtaking photos that will impress your potential customers. Partner with us on your next project.


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