Image Masking Services

Image masking is a term used for revealing or hiding a portion of an image.  It’s best used when you want one image to be next to, or on top of another image.

High End Image Masking:

high end image masking

When you think of a complex composition, where you want several different photographs put together into one larger picture, each image needs to be masked out, or traced out, so that it can sit harmoniously next to other elements.  

It can also be used for very basic products, say if you would like graphic design and artwork placed behind the photograph.

We know how to carefully construct your images and place them on new backgrounds, so that it looks like a new, complete and fantastic image. 

image masking for fairy kids photo

The key to masking is that it’s non-destructive to the original pixels.  So say for example you’d like the background removed from behind a model, and then you change your mind, the original background information is there and can be revealed.  Nothing is lost. No pixels are broken.  

Masking an image gives you the creative freedom to enhance, reduce, brighten, darken, smoothen, sharpen, colour correct and so much more. The possibilities are limited only by what we can imagine.

Since precision is key to clean image masking, it can be a strenuous and time-consuming task. Don’t fret – we have just what you need.

Paper Boat Creative has a team of skilled and experienced image processing experts who care about every photo-editing project, no matter the level of difficulty. Image masking is the foundation of photo enhancement and we make sure we pay attention to the details from the very beginning. We have the tools and software to ensure we retouch your photos to perfection.

Here’s an example of image masking used to create a new image:

We had to cutout the windows on the side and behind the car, so that it looked like the model was looking out at a beautiful view of the ancient city of Jerusalem. 

However, all the key sites of the city are scattered everywhere, they’re not in the same spot.

So, first, cutout the windows…

image of a lady inside a car

Then, get all the key parts of the city and cutout the most key parts. So we get rid of some backgrounds…

iconic building in jerusalem
iconic building in jerusalem
iconic building in jerusalem
iconic building in jerusalem
iconic building in jerusalem

Then after a lot of cleaning up and careful positioning, redrawing of elements, we come up with this as our final layout.  All the parts of the city are masked, so if the client wanted to reveal more trees for example, the layer in our Photoshop file would still exist.

photo masking high end

Masking is one of the first steps to very detailed and thorough refined photo finishes.

background image masking

Customised According to Your Needs

At Paper Boat Creative, we provide image masking services that suit your individual requirements. With advanced photo enhancement software and tools, we provide a wide range of image masking for an array of applications:

  • E-commerce Product Photo Editing
  • Fashion Photo Retouching
  • High-End Retouching
  • Jewellery Photo Retouching
  • Newborn Photo Editing
  • Photography Post Production
  • Sports Photography
  • Still Life Photography

Prioritising Client Satisfaction

Aside from our pool of talented artists, we also have a team of account managers who’ll take care of your photo enhancement experience with us, from start finish. They oversee the projects and make sure we do the job right and on time. With Paper Boat Creative, you can expect stunning results that make an impact.

A Team You Can Trust

Paper Boat Creative is a creative, UK-based agency established in 2009. We’re known to merge traditional craft methods with creative digital solutions, providing top-of-the-line image retouching services and high-end graphic design. Our founder Rebecca van Ommen promotes the value of producing excellent results with clear purpose and direction – and it shows in the work that we do.

We have studios in London, Manila and Tel Aviv, helping partners around the world with their post-production needs. Our photo enhancement services are ideal for fashion brands, media agencies, corporate partners, independent photographers and more.

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