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Clean and Precise Clipping Path Services

Clipping path is the technical term for cutting an object out and isolating it from the background.  We loosely call it a “cut out” or a “background removal”.

When you take a photo of the product, you may not necessarily want to see the background because it could have been dark, dusty or just inconsistent with any other photo you take.  We help fix that for you by making all your images cut out with precise edges, so that the display is as clean and realistic as possible. 

With a good clipping path for your image, you’ll be able to place the object against any other background, or even a transparent background.  The overall look is clean, consistent, sharp and accurate.

At Paper Boat Creative, we have skilled Photoshop specialists who have a flair for clean, precise image cutouts. Creating the perfect clipping path requires a steady hand, years of experience and great attention to detail – all of which our team have. Our years of experience in illustration, design and editing allow us to help you produce some of the most stunning images for your brand.

Here are a few examples of high quality clipping path applications:

Paper Craft Effect graphic design cutout for fashion brand in London, Mero Retro

We could talk about this all day, seriously. These paper speech bubbles were all accurately cut out and then superimposed to make one larger speech bubble layout. We also did some shading to make it look like it was all really there in one go. Created with Nick Ballon for Stone Plus, Getty Images.

Hundreds of images cut out precisely, from solid objects to see through images, dust, paint, smoke and even water. Created for the British Council

A cut above the rest

The method for cutting out an image takes precise hand-tracing of the edges of the image. Imagine using scissors to cut a picture out from a piece of paper, well, we do just that except it’s digital scissors, and we go down to the very last pixel of the image to make sure it’s absolutely precise.

A high quality cutout makes all the difference, especially if your object or image needs special attention to the edges.

Before and After, Clipping Paths

Here are a few examples of before and after images of where clipping paths have been applied. As you can see, the completed image allows the background to be transparent, or whatever you want, so that the presentation of it beside other objects is a lot more clean and uniform.

Toy Clipping Paths:

Jewellery Clipping Paths:

Clipping Paths for Gifts and Accessories

Clipping Paths for Shoes

Creating clipping paths is an art and a science.  The right clipping path skills lead to a stunning and unique visual design that is almost impossible to naturally capture with photography. Also called ‘deep etching’, drawing clipping paths is a vector mask technique that traces the outline of an image and cuts it out from its existing background. The image can then be masked, corrected or transposed onto anything you can imagine.

Precisely clipped photos make all the difference. The cleaner the clipping path, the more seamless the finish

The approach we use is an excellent way to achieve high quality results on:

  • Clipping paths for toys
  • Clipping paths for jewellery
  • Clipping paths for fur
  • Clipping paths for hair
  • Clipping paths for transparent objects
  • Clipping paths for high end compositions
  • Clipping paths for clothes

What better way to explain than through a tutorial!

Let’s start off with the basics, but even a “basic” edit does take some time to fix up.

Results You’ll Be Happy With

As a professional clipping path service provider, we walk you through the photo enhancement process, guiding you from start to finish. We also accommodate stringent image editing needs, whether it’s extreme precision or a strict adherence to a theme. Our account management team goes to great lengths understand your requirements and ensure our work is aligned with your desired outcome. You can expect a finished product that meets or even exceeds your expectations.

The Team

Paper Boat Creative is a London founded agency now based in Southeast Asia that fuses traditional craft methods with creative digital solutions to provide top-of-the-line graphic design and high-end image retouching services. Founded by Rebecca van Ommen, our team upholds her value of producing high-quality design work with clear direction and purpose.

We started strongly in 2009 and with each year we’ve built upon our expertise. Now, we have studios in London, Tel Aviv and Manila that all provide post-production services for photographers, corporate clients, fashion brands, media agencies and more.

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