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A social media content photographer — why should you hire one?

There are plenty of factors that go into a strong online marketing strategy. So, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of photography. The sooner a brand acknowledges photography’s significance in marketing, particularly in social media, the quicker will that business see growth.

A majority of your potential customers are scrolling through their social network’s feeds. One of the best ways to catch their eyes is an eye-catching product or service photo.

Here are the benefits when you invest in social media product photography. Consider the following:

Engagement Starts with Social Media Photos

Social media users are visual people; they like photos more than huge chunks of texts. Instead of losing your followers’ interest over a simple, blocky paragraph that describes your products, it’s best to wow them with images that show why they should buy and share the post with their friends.

Strengthen Your Brand’s Identity

Social media product photography strengthens your brand identity online, and ties your image across your web presence. Our consistent style in photography helps your brand develop its own persona. We’ll find a trademark angle, theme or photo story that keeps you memorable to your followers.

Target the Right Kind of People (and More!)

The Paper Boat Creative team produces tag-worthy photos. You’ll be proud to upload them on your social profile. Tag the right market for your product so they feel valuable and remembered. In turn, tagged individuals can tag other people on your photos, helping you reach new audiences.

Establish Stronger Brand Awareness

Social media and professional photography spread the word about your business fast. We create share-worthy photos that aren’t too flashy but effectively gets the point across. Check out our portfolio: you’ll see how we create eye-catching images that reflect not just your brand’s USP, but your brand to customers.

High-Quality Photos for High-Quality Consumer Trust

Customers browsing and shopping online only have the photos you provide to get an idea of what you are selling. You need high-quality product photos to clearly demonstrate what customers can expect when they make a purchase. Allow us to highlight even the smallest details of your product.

Better than DIY Photography

Smart phones can take high-quality photos but nothing beats a professional shot. Our social media photographers know which styling technique works best for your product. No need to waste time on guesswork; our team can style, design and take product photos that garner more likes and shares.

Engagement: The Point of the Matter

Using photos of your business promotes better engagement between you and your potential customers on social media. High-quality product images shared on your profile will immediately give followers all the visual details of what you offer. Since a growing number of social media users are also online consumers, they need photos to see if your products are worth the additional shipping fees.

Quality social media product photography piques consumer interest with a range of enticing images that will convince them to click on the album, browse and buy.

High-quality photos will positively influence your social media efforts, which affects your entire marketing strategy. But it’s not enough to merely capture photos on your phone.

This is where you’ll need a professional photographer on board.

Make your photos more fantastic with Paper Boat Creative’s social media photographers.

What Professionals Can Do

We add competitive creativeness to your marketing strategy by producing photos that reflect your diversity as a business. We produce photos that entice your followers to click, buy and share their experience with others. This creates a spreading effect that helps your business reach new customers and increase its online presence.

Let our photographers perfectly capture your unique selling point for social media purposes. Hire Paper Boat Creative today.

Fresh and Trending Social Media Product Photos​

Paper Boat Creative’s social media product photography services are the key to elevating your brand reputation and getting your message out there to impress potential clients. We create photos that help your business make a statement in an oversaturated digital market.

Whether it’s a professional shot of your newest product or images of your epic festivals, we’ll partner with you to create great visual content that makes your brand stand out.

Every Paper Boat Creative shoot’s aim is to give you a selection of different shots that you can release in phases. We want your photos to look as if they are changing over time to match the season or trend. This strategy maximizes the impact of the images, as well as keeps your product looking fresh.

Impress the Market with High Quality Images

Never settle for stock photography. Impress your followers and potential customers with authentic social media content. Let us capture quality images your followers will love (to buy and share).

The advent of social media has made images a universal language that everyone can use to connect. As a result, more businesses use high-quality photos to engage with followers while staying true to their brand. Good photography establishes stronger relationships through digital imagery.

Quality equipment makes quality work possible. We invest in the right equipment to make sure we deliver results that exceed your expectations.

A Studio that Has It All

The Paper Boat Creative studio is fully equipped with eight high-powered lights, flashguns, diffusers and backgrounds that range from white, grey, black and other on-trend colors. Our studio also has multiple reflectors, rigs and a product table so that we can support your product.

Lights and Cameras: The Perfect Pair

Our photographers capture photos with Canon 5D MKIV at 32 Megapixels. This durable DSLR takes high-resolution product photos that translate well on any digital platform. If you need larger prints, our team uses the Hasselblad HD 400c MCs — a must-have for all of our high-end social media product photography shoots.

Finally, our social media product photographers use high-quality lighting to complement the work of our strong cameras. Our lights sculpt the look of your product to make it appear 3D on any screen. Thanks to quality lighting, our high-quality product photos enable customers to zoom at 300 to 500 percent and still see all its finer details.

Make an impact on social media with the right photos. Let us take them for you.

Rebecca van Ommen leads our group of social media product photographers. She has previously worked as a branding consultant and designer for businesses such as 77 Diamonds, Jamie Oliver, Rookie Humans, Douglas Cuddle Toys and more.

Working with Rebecca is our awesome team who possesses 10 years of experience in their bags.


Work with a Premium Editing and Post Production house with a global clientele and discover why some of the world’s best brands choose to work with the Paper Boat.

    Experienced Team Passionate about Photos​

    Thanks to a decade’s worth of photo shoots, planning and training, we know how to put elements together to make the best social media photos. We have also learned how to adapt and adjust to the trends. This allows us to provide you with fresh and high-quality social media photos that are share-worthy.

    “How do I know this isn’t just all talk?” you might ask.

    A few of the world’s most respected publications are in love with our work. You’ll see our photos on Wired Magazine, Campaign UK and Creative Arts magazine. On top of that, our team has also won several commercial photography awards.

    The Paper Boat Creative team is eager to work with you on your social media projects. Let us set sail towards success together! Get in touch with the team to learn more about our professional social media product photography services. Send us an email at [email protected] so that we can start brainstorming your next viral post.

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