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Premium Real Estate Photo Editing and Retouching that Attracts Buyers​

Showcase the assets of any property you own or manage with PaperBoat Creative’s high-end real estate photo retouching service. Our digital artists transform photos into images that make marketing and promotional campaigns work.

Commercial photographers, magazines, and ad agencies call us when they need high-end photography post-production. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business, from London to Manila to Tel Aviv. We count Shell, Men’s Health, Visa, and the British Council among our satisfied clients.

While many of our clients are in the beauty, fashion, retail, and sports industries, it doesn’t mean our expertise ends there. Working on projects in the real estate industry is not new to us, in fact. Our team of graphic artists and digital photo retouchers and editors are just as proficient at enhancing property photos as they are with still-lifes and live portraits.

Photo Editing that Preserves the Truth About Your Property

Real estate photos require a different kind of treatment from other types of commercial photo editing. While the goal is still to enhance an image by brightening dark areas and correcting color saturation, there’s a responsibility to preserve the true nature of the room, as well. Heavy editing can make real estate photos look different from the actual property, which can put you in hot water with clients.

What you need is a post-production team that will show your property in the best — and an honest — light. Get in touch with the PaperBoat Creative team. Our real estate photo editing services are available to you anytime.

Real Estate Photography Editing Services for Agents and Sellers

Architectural Photo Editing: Show Your Property’s Best Features

A property’s curb appeal matters to real estate buyers, but they don’t have to visit every property they’re considering. Most of them will simply ask for photographs and whittle their list down based on what they see. We can help you draw your clients’ attention to your property’s best outdoor features through architectural photo editing. Here’re some ways we’ve done our magic:

Lawn Enhancement

Give your clients a realistic rendering of what their future house can look like with a green front lawn. We can do color corrections to make the grass look greener and the surrounding foliage healthier. In a nutshell, your house can look more welcoming with our lawn attachment service.

Live People Attachment

Live People Attachment

Conceptualizing a house for a builder or client? Help them visualize the project better by adding live elements to the image. PaperBoat Creative can add pictures of people walking, sitting, or interacting with one another. We apply proper composition rules so that the finished images look balanced and realistic.

Sky Attachment

Sky Attachment and Enhancement

Whether you have a photo of a house or the concept design for a new project, we can enhance it further. We can also retouch the natural backdrop or add a clear sky, nature elements, and other objects that make your property look ready for occupancy.

2D and 3D Architectural Drawings-min

2D and 3D Plan Redraws

If you’re a contractor or architect working on a concept design for a house or building, turn to us for 2D and 3D plan redraws. Let our artists convert your blueprints into 2D and 3D renderings of the finished room. It will be easier to show your vision to your clients.

Interior Photo Editing: Encourage Buyers to Visualize

Interior photography retouching can make the best indoor features of your property stand out. The trick is to combine retouching and editing techniques like exposure adjustment and perspective distortion correction. This type of editing requires a keen eye and an expert artist’s hand to accomplish — advantages we apply to our real estate photo editing services.

furniture retouching and attachment

Furniture Retouching and Attachment

An empty room doesn’t inspire buyers to visualize the space as their own. Show its potential through virtual staging and renovation. We can populate any interior room with furniture and home accessories. We maintain accurate proportions, too.

interior color correction

Interior Color Correction

Artificial lighting and bright sunlight can flush out the colors of the furniture, carpets, and other objects in a room. Through white balance adjustments, we can keep your interior photos as accurate as possible and achieve the correct the color temperature.

interior background enhancement

Background Enhancement

Minimalist designs are trendy, but that doesn’t mean all walls have to be bare. Through expert use of the clipping path tool, we can change the color or wallpaper of an entire room with just the click of a couple of buttons. It won’t matter if furniture or people are standing in the way; our work is flawless.

Object Removal

Item/Object Removal

Badly-timed photos might show objects, stains, and other distractions that mar an otherwise marketing-worthy image. You won’t have to do a reshoot; you only have to call PaperBoat Creative. We’ll remove inconveniently-placed objects from the frame and clean it up to keep the focus on the room’s central features.

Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Service

As leaders in photo editing and retouching, PaperBoat Creative is on top of the latest techniques in HDR or High Dynamic Range image editing.

before and after photo editing

What Makes HDR Editing Different from Standard Photo Editing?

Regular photo editing tools and techniques allow us to increase or reduce the brightness of an image or adjust the contrast to make the colors pop. There are limits to these techniques, however, and inexperienced photo editors could end up compromising brightness in favor of contrast, or the other way around.

Through HDR image editing, we can give you the best possible version of a real estate photo by merging versions with different exposures. The result will be a high-resolution photo with the perfect brightness, contrast, and crispness throughout the frame.

before and after neo bankside evening

How Can You Benefit from HDR Photo Editing?

Real estate buyers today go to online and offline channels to find a home or potential investment property. But whether they browse online listings or meet with you to look at houses, they will surely ask for photos of the properties you’re selling.

If a house looks beautiful and appealing on a photo, buyers are more likely to consider it. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can have excellent real estate photos?

PaperBoat Creative can enhance your real estate photos and make them more appealing to prospective buyers. With HDR photos, you can:

  • Show how your property looks like when viewed in person.
  • Ensure all areas of your house are visible; no hidden flaws that will discourage buyers due to alleged dishonesty.
  • Reduce costs; there’s no need to fund another photoshoot. We can work with the photos that you already have.

Showcase the full potential of your house by letting us retouch your real estate photos in HDR. PaperBoat Creative works fast while maintaining quality and precision; you’ll soon have your real estate HDR images ready for your website or portfolio.

Choose PaperBoat Creative for Real Estate Retouching Services

  • Quick Turnaround

Get your photos right on time. We have worked for clients in fashion, retail, and advertising — demanding, fast-paced industries that consider timely turnovers to be of utmost importance. Our experience and work ethic guarantee that we will finish editing and retouching images on time — if not earlier.

  • Expert Photo Retouchers

Hand the difficult task of showing off your properties in the best light on photos over to us; our exceptional retouchers will take care of your real estate photos. The past years have proven the high caliber of photo retouching PaperBoat Creative is capable of. We are precise, creative, and will adhere to your vision.

  • Advanced Photo Retouching Tools 

Take advantage of the latest photo editing software. In this industry, tools matter almost as much as skills. As we already have more than enough skill to spare, we made sure we acquire the technology to match. We use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and high-power computers to accommodate large images and high-resolution photo editing.

  • High Quality & Consistency

PaperBoat Creative has been in business for over seven years, having earned the trust of advertising professionals in Europe and Asia. We worked hard to maintain high standards not only in photo editing but also in our customer service. Consistent excellence — that’s what you can expect from PaperBoat Creative.

Choose PaperBoat Creative as Your Real Estate Photography Post-Production Team

Fulfill your calling as a real estate agent who helps people find homes and establish roots where they can feel safe and be part of the local community.

After all, buying a house is a long-term commitment and might even be a lifelong investment for your clients. Help them find the right home, one where they can raise families, live their best years, and retire in comfort. They’ll remember you not as the person who sold them a house but as the one who helped them achieve a major life milestone.

PaperBoat Creative can be your partner in your real estate career. Our real estate photo editing and retouching services can make your job easier. By using high-quality photos that show the best views of a property, you’ll have a better chance at attracting buyers and closing sales.

Talk to us about your real estate photo editing needs. Get in touch with PaperBoat Creative today.


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