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Professional Jewelry Retouching Service

Good jewelry photos show the design of the piece. The best photos, however, also show the sparkle of the gem.

The best way to attract attention is to use photos that reflect the clean lines that indicate the expertise of the hands that made your precious pieces. If your jewelry shines and sparkles in the photo, they will most likely do so in real life — and that’s what your customers want.

Paper Boat Creative’s jewelry photo editing services enhance the look of your photos, portraying the subjects in their best light. While DSLR cameras can capture the smallest details, they produce clinical-looking images. We make your photos look fancy with our professional editing magic.

We Make Your Job Easier with Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Jewelry photography is tricky. Necklaces, rings and bracelets cannot stand upright on their own. The image only becomes dynamic when someone wears the piece or when photographers prop them up against something else. Photos with a model are good but some clients prefer to see flawless photos with nothing to distract the eye from the jewelry.

We produce photos that make your pieces stand out. Our team uses light and colour correction tools to make your jewelry shine brighter, enticing customers to fix their eyes on the piece — whether there is a model or not.  

High-End Jewelry Retouching

An idea may come to you well after your photo shoot, or you might discover much later that your shooting angle doesn’t flatter the Jewelry you’re photographing. In these situations, count on us to bring your creative vision to life.

Jewelry Shadow Creation

Shadows add dimension and depth to a 2D image. It takes a practised eye and extensive knowledge of Photoshop and Lightroom tools to produce shadows that can make jewelry photos look realistic and appealing.

Background Cleaning and Removal

Even the most thorough cleaning can’t guarantee that a piece of jewelry will look polished on a photograph. Smudges and scratches could still be visible and diminish its appeal whether in print or on screen. Our photo editing service can solve this problem.

Dust and Poor Reflection Removal

Apart from flaws in the facade of the gems and setting, dust and distracting reflections can also reduce the advertising potential of your photos. Trust us to pore over every inch of your pictures and polish them to be print- and website-ready.

Jewelry Color Correction and Editing

When your lighting isn’t up to scratch, trust that our post-production services will put everything to rights. We will consult with you to ensure that we get the perfect color, shade and brilliance of the jewelry you photographed.

Jewelry Photo Enhancement

Your photos should please not only your clients but also their customers. From the texture of the jewelry to the sparkle of the stones, a product photo must effectively convey its value and appeal. You can achieve this through our editing service for jewelry photos.

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Our Jewelry Photo Editing Services​

The Paper Boat Creative team is adept at making jewelry photos look as realistic as possible. We pay attention to the tiniest details, from the clarity of the filigree to the way the light bounces off the metal or precious stone. We aim for realistic results, but we make sure to highlight the best features of every piece of jewelry.

Dust & Scratch Cleaning

Diamond Polishing

Diamond Polishing

Jewelry Background Removal

Recolouring of Gold and Silver

jewelry photo retouching

Repainting shine on metal

Creative Jewelry Edits

Creative Jewelry Edits

Showing Jewelry in
the Best Light Possible

Artificial light could dull the glimmer of the stone or reduce the lustre of polished silver, gold, and aluminium. Excessively bright natural light, meanwhile, could overexpose the photo and conceal the best features of the jewelry. We can correct these flaws so that they don’t detract from the overall beauty of the pieces.

When your photographing conditions are less than ideal, you have our services to fall back on. Our jewelry photo retouching services are designed to bring out the best in the jewelry photos you take. Whether they are for print, Internet marketing or e-commerce websites, the images we retouch can catch the eye of the target audiences.

Impress your clients with our high-end photo editing techniques. 

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A Peek into Our Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Our clients always ask us about our retouching services. Some of them say to us, It’s so detailed! It must have taken a hundred steps before you perfected the image!”

On the contrary, our process has only five steps. How then does it still manage to deliver images that stand out with brilliance? Simple, our process — which we’ve put much thought into during its inception — is just that great.


1. Dust Cleaning

Our jewelry photo retouching starts with a digital sweep of the stone and removal of scratches and dust. It is normal for the dust to cling on to all jewelry pieces. Don’t worry; we’ll fix it on photoshop.

jewelry retouching


Work with a Premium Editing and Post Production house with a global clientele and discover why some of the world’s best brands choose to work with the Paper Boat.

    2. Base Level Adjustments

    After clearing the flaws in the photo, we play with some photoshop settings such as curves, levels, saturation, hue and selective color to edit the stone without compromising the image’s integrity.

    jewelry photo editing

    3. Digital Masking

    We then inspect the cuts to see how we can enhance it. We select them one by one to either brighten up or paint over

    4. Colour Preservation

    Our photo editors normally add color manually and paint the gem to emphasize the shiny cuts of the stone.

    5. Final Adjustments

    We go over the photos again and make final adjustments before we show our work to you. If you have additional requests, we attend to them immediately.

    How Long Does It Take To Do Jewelry Retouching

    Getting the first diamond edited for online shops is normally the longest since we have to wait for the exact style needed. It can take about 3 – 5 hours. But then, when we apply that same jewelry retouching technique manually to the other similar images it can be reduced to about 2 – 2.5 hours.

    Paper Boat Creative: The Preferred Photo Retouching Company of Jewelry Photographers

    Paper Boat Creative’s team is proficient in the use of Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Logic Pro. Apart from our advanced editing tools, we attribute our quality services to our amazing team. Our jewelry photo editing experts make clever use of light gradient and shadows the emphasize the main features of your jewelry.

    High-End Services from Dependable Professionals

    We are dedicated to providing high-quality, advertorial-ready edits that impress your clients. These edits may take time but we always submit our deliverables right on schedule. Also, our staff will keep you updated on the progress of the photo enhancement project. If you have any further questions, send them our way. We are happy to answer them.

    We want your clients to have a difficult time choosing photos out of the selection because all of them are of excellent quality.

    Make your photos sparkle like jewels; have our team edit them. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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