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Stand-out Cut and Clarity Jewellery Retouching 

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but Jewelry images always pale in comparison to the real thing.  Jewellery is not just a financial, but an emotional investment as well making it one of the most demanding subjects to retouch.  If a jewellery image captured your attention, it almost certainly received the thoughtful hand of professional. A gorgeous photo of a piece of jewellery can do wonders, especially in the era of e-commerce. Get the highest attention to detail your jewellery images deserve.

A photo of a gorgeous necklace or a pair of earrings should lure your customers in – let the images speak for themselves.

At Paper Boat Creative, we have a team of Photoshop experts with the skills, talent and passion for enhancing photos. They take a raw photo of jewellery and add the sophisticated touch that it needs to stand out.

Customised Image Enhancement Services

We offer high-end jewellery photography editing services that are tailored to your needs. To give you the best possible results, our team uses a wide range of photo editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Logic Pro. With your requirements in mind, our team of artists will go great lengths to bring life to your photographs. 

cup cakes and rings image editing
diamond ring photo editing

We get many inquiries to about jewelry photo editing services. Most of the time it will be for diamond engagement rings or wedding rings. We’ll explain the general steps taken to making the images stand out with brilliance. We’ve handled this for years so probably by accident, and not to sound boastful, we have become experts at photo retouching jewelry for eCommerce.

Diamonds. Ah the indestructible little rock everyone drop their jaws over. Such a tiny object bursting with light reflected hundreds of times over, and with a slightly different color bouncing each second you look at it.

ring before and after editing

It’s a rare object that can be stared at, literally for years, and each time it feels like you’re discovering a new color or cut or reflection within it.

Now, freeze time. Take a photo of it and see how dull it becomes all of a sudden. There can be dust on it that you never spotted before, some of the deeper cuts can’t be seen because it’s tilted one way, not the other. The very soft color bounce disappears. It’s either too dark or too bright. The metal underneath makes parts of the diamond less sparkly.

making the diamond sparkly

So many errors just from one snap. Even the most professional photographer can’t bring you that authentic diamond dazzle.

Time to correct the shot.

1. Dust Cleaning

step 1 jewelry dust cleaning

We begin with a digital sweep of the stone, removing any dust and scratches that might exist. Dust clings on to everything so don’t be shocked if your 3-karat diamond all of a sudden looks like the inside of a vaccuum machine. It’s normal. We’ll fix it on photoshop.

2. Base Level Adjustments

step 2 base level adjustments

Now we’ll do a little play with some photoshop adjustment settings like levels, curves, selective color, hue and saturation and channels to see how far we can edit this stone without breaking it. By “breaking” we mean that the stone retains its beautiful cuts and does not become overly bright all of a sudden.

3. Digital Masking Over the Diamond Cuts

step 3 image masking over the diamond cuts

Now it’s time to inspect the cuts carefully and see how to enhance it. Our human eye can see the cut in a second, but unfortunately the camera might miss a few important lines in the diamond.
We select the cuts one by one and either brighten up one area or do very gentle painting over that area.

The cuts of the diamond can hundreds of polygons. Our job is to have a thorough look through it and trace over it, then sparkle it up some more.

4. Preserving the Color

This is probably one of the trickiest parts of the image. Look at real diamond and you’ll see a rainbow in there. Diamonds also sometimes reflect more blue, pink or yellow depending on what type you have. Just as a rainbow has so many colors within a limited space, so does every cut of the diamond. We normally have to add the color in manually and paint it like a rainbow inside a few select shiny cuts of the gemstone.

step 4 preserving the color of the diamond

5. Final Top Adjustments
Then we do our very final top adjustments such as applying very slight sharpen, contrast, fixing the color balance and overall exposure.

Wait, we’re not done!

  1. Show the work to the client – jewellery retail clients all have their own opinion on what they think looks best. We’ve had clients who love images very very bright, while others like the more natural approach. Others insist on blue tints always while others insist on it being almost all black and white. The final finish of editing diamonds is subjective. But we are here to listen to you.
  2. Last and hopefully the final step- adjust all our edited layers to match the style the client wants best.
step 5 final adjustments for the edited jewelry image

How Long Does It Take To Do Jewelry Retouching

Getting the first diamond edited for online shops is normally the longest since we have to wait for the exact style needed. It can take about 3 – 5 hours. But then, when we apply that same jewelry retouching technique manually to the other similar images it can be reduced to about 2 – 2.5 hours.

jewelry editing before and after

We See Things Through, from Beginning to End

We want you involved in every phase of the photo enhancement process. We have dedicated account managers who oversee all aspects of the project, making sure we meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With Paper Boat Creative, expect a stunning finish that leaves a lasting impression.

Your Partner in Exquisite Photography

Paper Boat Creative is a London-based creative agency that uses both traditional craft methods and creative digital solutions for top-of-the-line graphic design and high-end image retouching services. Our team has a wealth of experience in the industry and continue to learn new techniques in design. Founded by Rebecca van Ommen, our company upholds her objective of producing nothing less than quality work with clear direction and purpose.

Aside from London, we also have studios in Manila and Tel Aviv that provide post-production services for all kinds of clients, from independent photographers and council agencies to jewellers and media companies. We have a service that fits your needs perfectly.

As the old proverb goes: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Make every photo a treat and work with Paper Boat Creative today. 


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