Paper Boat Creative Artwork for the cover of Sister Citizen:
Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America, by Melissa Harris-Perry

If you’ve seen the iconic portrait of a beautiful black lady looking down, with stars and stripes embellished on her face, you’ll know that’s our photo. It’s been used in T-Shirts for Topshop, bags for River Island and most recently, has been bought out exclusively for the cover of the book Sister Citizen, by Melissa Harris-Perry.

Melissa is most known for being a regular TV host and anchor, and focuses on African-American politics. Being a regular face in the White House, the book’s introductory message comes from Michelle Obama.

The book has been a point of debate, and we believe that only through continued dialogue can we get to understand each other more, and come up with better solutions for everyone.

Before and after comparison image of high end beauty makeup editing on Photoshop

Melissa Harris-Perry, author of Citizen Sister

The image was conceptualized and produced by our Creative Director, Rebecca van Ommen. Being mixed herself, she felt compelled to create a series of portraits of people who might look like one stereotype, but be something completely different.

In this photo series, our model was Sherene McNichol who is of Nigerian descent but is completely British in her upbringing. And oh, she hasn’t ever been to the States, not yet.

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