High-End Photo Editing Services
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Our post-production services allow you to devote
more time to your business or photography.
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Precise Clipping Paths

Hand-tracing a clipping path for one or two photos on your own is doable; doing it for a hundred is unreasonable. Save hours’ worth of work by outsourcing to our team.

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High-Quality Edits

It’s hard to maintain image quality when you’re editing bulk photos. With our outsource photography editing
services, this won’t be a problem.

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48 Hour Turn Around

Want to test Paper Boat Creative’s photo editing and retouching skills? Send us a photo, and we’ll have a FREE DEMO done within 48 hours.

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Batch Photo Editing

We do high-quality edits and retouches on large batches of raw photos. With Paper Boat Creative as your post-production house, you’ll be free to head on to your next shoot.

Finally. A High-End Photo Editing Company that Respects Your Time.

Outsource your photo editing to Paper Boat Creative. We are a company of creatives that respects the business mindset. We value your time, whether you’re an in-demand photographer, e-commerce business owner, or busy magazine editor. So, if we say we will deliver on a specific date, you can expect the finished photos on that day, if not earlier.

Our team of photo editors and retouchers work efficiently while maintaining the high editing quality we’re known for. We cater to all types of photo processing requests, from simple product photo cleanup to the more complex photo editing required for major marketing campaigns.

Paper Boat Creative also invests in powerful photo editing software and computers, and we’re proficient in a broad range of photo editing techniques from background removal to image masking and clipping paths. Pressed for time and need to outsource photo editing? We can also help. Our experienced team can edit photos in bulk and deliver the finished images on time.

As your full-service high-end photo editing company, Paper Boat Creative helps save time and resources by providing all of your post-processing needs under one roof.

Experience our Professional Photo Editing Services

Product Photo Retouching
Jewelry Photo Retouching
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Product E-commerce Photo Retouching

Photos for e-commerce require clarity and detail. We have the tools and skills to make your product photos stand out while ensuring that every edited picture looks as realistic as possible.

Matthiew Deluc Jewelry Retouch

We have an eye for detail, and we know how to polish diamonds, gold, platinum, and other precious stones and metals exactly how you want it. We’ll create that perfect finish to make your jewelry products sparkle.

Winsor and Newton

Make your products stunning with our high end custom photo editing. We will remove dust and scratches, refine edges, smoothen surfaces, redraw logos and more. Still life photo retouching at it’s finest.

kids and baby photo retouching

Cuteness overload! For kids and baby photo retouching, gentle care is needed. We can do photo retouching of children’s portraits, products and clothing with delicate attention to colours, skin treatment and lighting. Warm fuzzy feelings guaranteed.

Misa Summer

Photo retouching by the fashion pros, from skin, hair and makeup enhancements to flawless garments hugging the body, we’re a perfect fit!

Blaise Pascal Filipina Beauty

We are experts at beauty photo retouching, from removing blemishes, facial hair removal, hair strand removal, pore minimizing, skin tone balancing and makeup enhancements. Images have never looked prettier.

Adidas Laser Beams Football

Adding drama through motion, lighting and color are what sports photos need to have, and we know it well. We can do photo editing of your sports pics with a punch, kick and a karate chop.

Professional Photo Editors at Your Service

Let us handle correct polishing and touch ups of your photos.
Paper Boat Creative is excited to work with you. Set sail with us and get in touch with us today.

High-Quality Images Guaranteed

Our photo editors are efficient and dedicated image manipulators passionate about providing high-quality edits to photographers and their clients. We do not settle for half-baked editing and will strive to meet your standards.

Great Time Management

Deadlines are important to us as they are to you. We complete photo editing projects on timeso that you can also meet your clients’ deadlines. As a photo editing company for photographers, we help you find time to devote to your craft and business.

Proficiency is Key

We are confident about the quality of our work. We study your goals first before we start editing in order to preserve your photography style. As we work, we keep in touch to make sure that we are on the right track.

What Our Client Say

We have worked with Rebecca and her team on a number of occasions, from photo editing to animations, and always been very pleased with the results. They are our ‘go to’ team for speciality pieces that our In-house design team either don’t have the time or specialty skills to complete.

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Jane Walker

Director, Fit PRO

I couldn’t be happier with the results produced by Paper Boat. Rebecca’s skill level and attention to detail are second to none and she went above and beyond to deliver our images on time and on budget. I’m looking forward to many more projects together in future!

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Susie Adams

Shoes of Prey

An ART, Not Just a Business

We’re proud to be a trusted photo editing company for photographers in Asia, Europe, and the United States. Although we offer services that are creative in nature, we can also make a positive impact to your photography as a business. Our turnover periods are reasonable, we offer competitive pricing, and we help clients gain recognition from the likes of D&AD, Spikes Asia, ADFEST, and Cannes Lions.

Timely, reliable, and proficient, our photo editing team is ready for your creative editorial projects and bulk photo editing requests.

Why should you consider our services? You might have taken some photos that looked fine on the viewfinder, but didn’t pass muster when you looked at them again on the computer — that’s okay. Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan (despite extensive preparation); it happens even to the best photographer. So, don’t worry about the one or two flaws in your otherwise perfect picture; our professional photo editors can correct, enhance, or retouch them according to your preference.

Paper Boat Creative offers a broad range of photo editing services for photographers. Explore our website to view our samples..

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We’re here to edit any kind of image you have. Paper Boat Creative is an adept photo editing company for photographers. Big or small, short or tall, a few images or ALL, we’re the team that you can call. Experience unmatched dedication to quality and service and find out why some of the world’s most recognized brands choose to work with us!

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Work with a photo editing company with a global clientele and discover why some of the world’s best brands choose Paper Boat Creative.

    Work With Us

    We’re here to edit any kind of image you have. Big or small, short or tall, a few images or ALL, we’re the team that you can call.
    Experience unmatched dedication to quality and service and find out why some of the world’s most recognized brands choose to work with us!

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