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Paper Boat Creative started out as a photo retouching company that helps photographers who may not have the time or skills to do much-needed touch-ups on their photos. We have since expanded our services to include e-commerce product image editing. Today, our clients include retail brands and entrepreneurs with e-commerce businesses.

Trust Paper Boat Creative with any e-commerce photo retouching. From doing colour corrections to manipulating shadows and reflections, our photo retouching artists can make your product photos stand out.

We Apply Artistry in Marketing

We continuously improve our Photoshop and Lightroom skills, trying new techniques and exploring different ways to create realistic images. We also brush up on our knowledge of marketing and advertising. It’s not enough to know how to use the pen or dodge tools or burn an image. A post-production service provider must also know what makes a marketing image attractive to customers.

We understand first what your purpose is for hiring us and the goals you want to achieve with your photos. As a result, we don’t just create art for art’s sake. We make your photos appropriate for online promotions through our e-commerce photo editing services.

Many have benefited from our expertise in manipulating product photos and making them appealing to their target audiences. Partner with Paper Boat Creative today to increase your photos’ marketing appeal.

Paper Boat Creative specialises in several e-commerce photo retouching techniques.

Flying Candy

Photo Background Removal

Keeping backgrounds transparent for product photos allows you to experiment with other colours, textures and surfaces. Our background removal service gives you clean, realistic images of a product and nothing else.

Bentley Christmas Gifts

Hollow Man Mannequin Effect

Clothes are best photographed when worn. However, a mannequin may not look great on your editorial copy. Allow us to remove the mannequin or model from the photo so customers see the potential of your clothing.

Adidas Glass Shatter Sneakers 02

Photo Shadow Effects

Shadows, in the right places, adds dimension to an object. They also make a retouched photo look realistic. We know how to manipulate shadows, and we can also add reflections to give product photos a premium look.

Gold Pen

Photo Colour Correction

Colour correction is a practical way of showing the different colour options for a product without having to photograph 24 (or more!) versions of it. We create realistic colour variations, so you get several product photos from a single image.

Minimalist Lifestyle Technology

Product Photo Cleaning

Sometimes you have no choice but to take photos in less-than-ideal conditions. Don’t worry; our artists can clean up your product photos in post-production. We’ll fix wrinkles, remove stains and show the item in its best form.

Asparagus vegetables balanced diet

Product Image Compositing

When you need to put several images together to create one product or advertising photo, we’re the artists to call. We can create a new image and tell a story that would’ve been difficult to do with a standard product photo.

A Peek Into Our E-commerce Photo Retouching

Product photo retouching is making your product photos presentable and making it pop out from the rest. Different products need different treatments for each one.

hats, caps, turbans image retouching
bags product image retouching
Product Photo Retouching for Palmolive

A product in real life can look bright and shiny, but under the scrutiny of a powerful digital camera, and many photography lights, the product can actually reveal

  • Imperfections
  • Scratches
  • misaligned spaces
  • colour imbalance and
  • Dust

That is when e-commerce product photo editing comes in. We start the process by a thorough clean up of the entire product from top to bottom to give that fresh new look that is intended for the product.

sunglasses product photo editing

Some of the most common things requested in product retouch are:

  • Cutting out or clipping path of the product
  • Removal of dust and scratches
  • Straightening and alignment of the product
  • Colour correction
  • Texture and detail enhancement
  • Brightening and levelling
  • Removal of supporting objects like stands, hooks, glue, tape, string and other devices that allow the object to stand on its own

There would be instances where a white background is required for e commerce and cutting out a product to a white background is also part of product photo retouching. Making the background as simple as a white background helps the product pop out versus a noisy background with so many things going on.

aldo watch product retouching

One of the key points of product retouching is emphasis on the details of the product. We enhance the most prominent to the least ones so the viewer can easily spot the finer details of the product. For example, if the product has artistic details on it and is looking a little dull we bring out by enhancing that area. Another example is the texture of the product if one of the selling points of the product is made of a material that has texture then we make it stand out.

To explain the process, we’ll take you through a step by step edit of one product.

We start with a raw image.

raw image of product before editing

We start by cleaning up the dusts and scratches with the tools available like healing brush and clone stamp tool.

step 2 image dust cleaning

You can also start color balance using the curves adjustment tool so the image so is more balanced when put on a white background.

After cleaning up we then cut out the product using the pen tool for precise selection 

step 7 cutting out the product using the pen in photoshop
step 8 white background enhancment

We can further enhance the product so it is more believable on white background.

The image looks like its floating on the white background so we need to cut out the shadow from the original image using the channel method here:

step 9 cutting out shadows from the original image

After that grab the selection from the channels and apply it to the image and then desaturate.

step 10 desaturating the image

You would get something like this.

step 11 product photo retouching

Here’s the before and after of the cutout and retouched product.

Improve Your Online Marketing and Grow Your Business

Professional photo editing and retouching bring many benefits to e-commerce businesses, particularly for those that sell products and merchandise.

When you don’t have an image for an item you’re selling online, customers are unlikely to buy it. Although people love online buying for its convenience, they also want reassurance. High-quality product photos can give them that. They show prospective customers exactly what they’ll get if they buy the product.

Essentially, professionally-edited product photos pave the way for:

  • Trust building
  • Higher sales and profits
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Longer times spent on your e-commerce website

HQ, Hi-Res Product Photos are a Must

Apart from being accurate and available, product photos must also be of excellent quality. Many customers like to enlarge or zoom into product photos to take a closer look at its details. When you use a low-resolution picture, it will appear blurred when zoomed or enlarged. It won’t look great on your website nor will it entice visitors to buy your product.

Avoid missing out on a potential sale due to mediocre product photos. Partner with Paper Boat Creative and make the most of every customer visit to your e-commerce site.

A Company Worthy of Your Trust

For seven years, we’ve worked our way towards becoming the go-to company for photographers, media agencies, fashion brands, corporations and other clients that need photography post-production services.

Our first office was in London, and later, we opened two more studios in Manila and Tel Aviv. We’ve also invested in technology and tools that enhance the remarkable skills of our digital designers and artists. For these reasons, Paper Boat Creative can accommodate a wide range of photo editing needs and accept clients from around the world.

Incomparable E-commerce Photo Editing and Retouching

As artists, we use traditional techniques like painting and drawing as the foundations of the art we create. So, when we make colour adjustments, remove a background or do some retouches, the images we work on still look realistic.

Our style of editing and retouching can benefit your e-commerce business. Contact Paper Boat Creative today. 


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