High-end Retouching

High End Photo Retouching Services

Every brand has a story to tell. That story is best told in imagery. But not just any image – people want captivating images. This is where high end photo retouching comes in. It’s about being able to create something captivating from a raw photography subject.

Whether it’s an athlete, sportswear, jewellery, still life – everyone and everything that has an audience has a story. But the best stories, like the best images – are aspirational. And that’s why brands employ the services of professional photo retouching. Because it’s not enough to capture an image, you have to visually communicate the brand’s aspirational story.

High End Retouched Photo
Beauty Photo Retouching for Editorial Purposes

Professional Tools, Personal Touch

Using some of the most modern tools and technology available, our photo retouching experts put a lot of time, care and attention to every piece they work on to capture the best elements, minimize flaws, and produce a visual composition that inspires and captivates.

High end photo retouching requires a lot of precision and attention to detail. The artist not only has to be able to use all the features of the tools and technology at their disposal, they also need to be personally meticulous, detail oriented, and obsessive about quality. You can’t automate that kind of care. You can’t digitize that kind of passion.

Post-Production for Some of the World’s Best

Our team is proud to have worked with some of the best known brands in the world like Unilever, PWC, Umbro and Nike. We work with some of the most respected agencies in the world like Ogilvy and Mather who have come to rely on us for the high end post-production needs.

Brands like these understand the value of storytelling and how only the best images capture the spirit of their brand’s stories.

High-End Photo Retouching Services

Anyone with a computer and a basic photo editing program can edit and retouch photos. However, only experienced digital artists who specialise in photo manipulation and enhancement can produce images that look and feel premium. You know a professional is behind a photo touch-up service when the final photo looks so natural, most people wouldn’t think it’s been digitally enhanced.

From Simple Touch-Ups to Photo Compositing

High-quality and high-resolution photos that meet fashion editorial and advertising standards — these are what we create at Paper Boat Creative. We are passionate about creating digital art and give every editing project our best efforts.

Having us as your post-production partner gives you access to a wide range of professional photo retouching services.

  • Non-Destructive Photo Retouching

It’s a mark of high-end photo retouching when flaws are removed while the natural texture and colour of the model’s skin remain. Similarly, it takes finesse and talent to distinguish between shadow and edge — a difficult thing to do for objects without defined lines, like dust. Our artists can accomplish these difficult editing tasks without distorting your photo.

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Blending

Your HDR photos need careful vetting and skilful compositing to produce one stunning, high-resolution image. Only then can your audience or client appreciate the beauty of your photos. You’ll need a photo retouching expert who can merge your HDR images seamlessly and make the final output look realistic. You’ll find such photo retouching professionals at Paper Boat creative.

  • High-End Beauty Retouching

You may have fashion or product photos that you think would have been perfect if not for a few flaws that couldn’t be helped during your photoshoot. Examples are fabrics that refuse to fall the way you want them to, and makeup that melts under the heat of set lights. We can remedy these problems in your photos through digital beauty retouching. 

  • High-End Digital Airbrushing

When we retouch portraits and fashion photos, we remove flaws that draw attention away from the model’s natural beauty. We may minimise facial wrinkles, remove acne scars or even out the skin tone. You can rest assured that our artists will enhance the appearance of your photo’s subject without losing touch of his or her character.

  • High-End Photo Restoration

We do more than make colour corrections in photo restoration projects. We also pay attention to the small details that define a photo, whether it’s the intricate design of a person’s clothing or the blades of grass in the background. Photo editors who are less meticulous than our artists could lose those tiny details and diminish the impact of an old photo.

Limitless Possibilities with Photo Editing and Retouching

There are no limits to your creativity when you have a partner like Paper Boat Creative. We have the tools and skill set to make your surreal and otherworldly photo ideas come to life.

Enjoy the freedom to exercise artistic license. In a perfect world, you could make anything happen. You could have a photo shoot in any location you wished. You’d work with the world’s most talented models and most famous fashion houses. You can get people to walk on walls and defy gravity. The wind will blow in any direction you want, and you can create a perfect water splash every time you need one — all in the name of your artistic vision.

Unfortunately, photo shoots will always have budget constraints, and there will be limits to what you can do and whom you can work with on set. It doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t have fantasy elements in your photos. With our professional photo retouching service, you can incorporate themes that would have been impossible to shoot under normal circumstances.

Step up your photography. Our services go beyond enhancing photos. We also help photographers grow their clientele.

As an in-demand photographer, your hectic schedule could leave you limited time for post-production work. We can do it for you instead, so you can accept more clients and earn more in the process.

There are just some of the benefits our high-end photo retouching can do for you. Explore our website to learn more about our services.

An Obsession for the Picture Perfect Image

Every product, every image, receives the same amount attention, passion and commitment to quality – regardless of how many images we need to go through in a day. Because our artists understand their work is a fundamental piece of every image’s story. In the world of high end retouching, no image is rushed. When our artists begin their work, there is no queue. The work doesn’t stop until we achieve perfection, or very close to it. This is why the work of a photo retouching expert stands out.

E-Commerce Campaigns

Our highest demand for high end photo retouching come from the growing industry of e-commerce. Whether it’s in the industry of jewellery, apparel, sportswear, all brands want the same thing: they want to communicate the best qualities of their products to their audience.

Retouching campaigns for e-commerce companies usually last months and the images involved number in the hundreds. But when we accept projects like this, each picture needs to become artwork, every image needs to tell a story.

The needs of e—commerce companies vary, from a simple clean up and transition to white background, to image enhancement, all the way to sophisticated image composition. It all depends on the expectations of the audience your brand is talking to.

We don’t just take contracts. We try to understand your brand and what it stands for. We try to understand your audience and what they expect. Only then does the painstaking work of retouching every image to perfection begin.

If you’d like to see some of our Campaigns, feel free to visit our Gallery.

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