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You’ve perfected your product. Now, it’s time to demonstrate to your clients how what you’re offering would make their life better.

Who can you trust to produce your product in the best light, though? Even photos taken with the most advanced cameras — which, in turn, were manned by seasoned photographers — can still be improved. After all, high resolution photography captures every detail, including the flaws. These imperfections, no matter how small, is enough to discourage consumers from making a purchase.

Paper Boat Creative’s photo editing services mute the flaws to reveal your products in their best form. Trust us to highlight their beauty, the intricate features of its design, and the craftsmanship that went into its production. We make colors more vibrant, the minute details more prominent, and the contrasts starker.

Our team makes product-only photos more interesting through local adjustments. Similarly, we ensure that the background doesn’t overpower the subject in an in-context photo.

In every photo editing project that we take on, we consider your viewers’ purchasing behavior. We showcase how your product would fit into their lives and how it would improve their daily condition. Our beautifully articulated photos evoke an experience that nudges them towards conversion.

Check out our ecommerce photo editing services projects:

Drag the sliders on each image to view BEFORE and AFTER photos​

camera1 camera2
spider-1 spider-2
tree-2 tree-1

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