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      Babies and Children Image Enhancement Services

      We offer high-end newborn and kids photography editing services that are tailored to your needs. To give you the best possible results, our team uses a wide range of photo editing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop and Logic Pro. With your requirements in mind, our team of artists will go great lengths to bring life to your photographs.

      Other than newborn photo editing, our other services include:


      Ecommerce Product Photo Editing


      Photography Post Production


      Fashion Photo Retouching

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      High-End Retouching

      Still Life Photography

      Jewelry Photo Retouching

      We're with you from start to finish

      We want you involved in every phase of the photo enhancement process. We have dedicated account managers who oversee all aspects of the project, making sure we meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With Paper Boat Creative, expect a stunning finish that leaves a lasting impressions.


      The Paper Boat Creative Approach to Better Photos

      How do we make your adorable photos more adorable? Let us list the ways. Our baby photo retouching services include:

      Eyes and Face Retouching

      Flash photography can sometimes result in the cutest of kids and babies sporting unsettling red eyes. We’ll remove them for you. While we’re at it, we also enlarge eyes and brighten the eye portions. We use different Photoshop filters to give the kids bright and beautiful eyes.

      Background Enhancement

      Is your photo’s background too dull or too distracting? Our trained photo editors can fix that. We can add depth-of-field, make color corrections and sharpen the background. If you are dissatisfied with the photo’s original background, we can replace the whole thing. Let us know what you want, and we’ll get it done.

      Skin Retouching

      We enhance the quality of your photo by making your adorable subjects look smooth and flawless. Our skin retouching services include skin smoothening, removal of scars or blemishes, and color enhancement. To achieve more beautiful and glowing skin, we use a frequency separation technique to remove blotchy skin or an uneven skin tone.

      Hair Retouching

      Improving the child’s hair zone to give them a more solid look can be difficult since you might clip some of the photo’s hair areas. We use different image masking methods to remove stray hair and trim out hair zones without negatively affecting the composition of the photos.

      Colour Correction

      Color heavily impacts your photo. If you don’t have the time to adjust shadows, white balance, tones, and other color settings, our team will take care of all your requirements efficiently. We fix visible photo defects with contrast and exposure correction, clarity and sharpness balancing and adjustment of vibrancy and temperature settings.

      Object Removal

      You want the cute child or baby to be the focus of the photo. If there are toys or props that draw away the attention from the subject, we’ll give it a proper digital clean up. We use a few advanced strokes of Photoshop’s healing brush tool.

      Baby Portrait Editing

      Baby Skin Smoothing

      Baby Skin Smoothing

      Background Removal for Baby Products

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      Gentle colour adjustment

      kids and baby photo retouching

      New fun backgrounds for Kids

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      Creative Baby Layouts

      A creative team you can trust

      You’ve put in hours of work capturing the cute smiles of your pint-sized subjects. Now is the time that you leave the final finishes to us.

      Paper Boat Creative’s team of skilled craft and design specialists are the heart of our kids photo editing services. Our staff is composed of concept artists and illustrators who combine digital illustrations with traditional crafts to make your photos even more special.

      We also keep your involved in every phase of the photo enhancement process. Our account managers make sure that we meet your needs and even exceed your expectations.

      If you have special concerns, feel free to talk to us. Our creatives team are always eager to listen to your suggestions and feedback. If you want us to change something with our edits, let us know ASAP. You are our client; therefore, your needs are our priorities. 

      Paper Boat Creatives is your partner in producing adorable photos that will impress parents and potential customers. Partner with us on your next project.

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      Work With Us

      We’re here to edit any kind of image you have. Big or small, short or tall, a few images or ALL, we’re the team that you can call.
      Experience unmatched dedication to quality and service and find out why some of the world’s most recognized brands choose to work with us!

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