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Commercial Photography Services

Get all your commercial photography needs from one company — Paper Boat Creative. We provide professional photography and videography services.

Full-Service Commercial Photography

If you're looking to hire a professional photographer, you came to the right place. Paper Boat Creative is more than a post-production company; we are a complete photography service provider. Our clients enjoy the convenience of having their photos taken by the same team of artists who will digitally retouch the photos and turn them into their best possible versions.

Exceptional Clarity and Detail in Every Photo

We aim for clarity in our photographs, not only with how well the subjects register on the frame but also in delivering your marketing message. We collaborate directly with clients and creative agencies that ideate campaigns, but need help with the execution.

Photography Services for Every Industry

Our passion for photography and bringing creative ideas into fruition inspired us to perfect our techniques to accommodate a broad range of industries and commercial applications. We've mastered the ropes for fashion, product, and e-commerce photography, for instance, but we also love the unique challenges and artistry involved in editorial photoshoots.

Let’s chat over coffee about what you can expect from our professional commercial photographers.

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What Is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography focuses on the product in front of the lens. It’s about capturing the essence and bringing out the most attractive features of an item to stir the audience’s interest (and eventually their desire to buy). Professional commercial photography can bring life to mundane products; bring glamour to fashion catalogs, and character to a brand or company.

Our commercial photographers can do all these. Through commercial photography, we let audiences see what makes your brand, company, or product exceptional and worth a second, closer look.

We use top-of-the-line camera equipment and shooting techniques to draw people’s attention to the exceptional detail created by your artisans, reveal the unique features of a generic item, or showcase your product’s superior quality at a glance.

We offer the following commercial photography services:

  • Still-Life / Product Photography
  • Website / E-commerce Photography
  • Fashion Photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Social Media Photography

From basic product photography to high-end editorial styling, Paper Boat Creative can organize photoshoots and produce images that match your brand and purpose.

Timely Turnaround

Regardless of the size of the project, expect to receive your photos on time. Our photographers and videographers are professionals with exceptional skills, creative talent, and strong work ethics. We maintain high standards in our output and customer service by working efficiently without compromising quality.

Stock-Photo Quality

Having worked with Getty Images, we have mastered the techniques for producing images that are of stock photo quality: clear and subject-focused with an artistic flair. If you prefer, our portrait photographer can also apply the stock photo technique on your corporate photos, lifestyle photos, and portraits. You’ll then have images that will look great on your website or portfolio.

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Tack-Sharp Images

Our product photographers are some of the best. Armed with powerful macro photography equipment, we take photos with impressive clarity and detail — perfect for print or website product catalogs, posters, billboards, print advertising, and more. With Paper Boat Creative behind the lens, you can rest assured that your products will shine.

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Creative Apertures

We are artists at heart who enjoy discovering new photography styles using whatever lens we can get our hands on. We study how changing and combining apertures, shutter speeds, and lights affect photographs. As such, we have a library of photography techniques that could be very useful for your campaigns.

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Styling and Direction

Paper Boat Creative offers excellent value for your money. You will have the services of a complete photography team and a creative director with years of experience in styling and set direction. Our founder, Rebecca Van Ommen, can help conceptualize themes for your photoshoot. Her photoshoots can run the gamut of techniques, from hyper-surreal to clinical and straightforward.

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Basic and Advanced Retouching

The best part about hiring a commercial photographer who also knows photo editing and retouching is you can have your pre- and post-production all under one roof. It’s also easier and faster to upgrade to advanced photo retouching services like creative compositions, digital painting, bulk clipping path, and making digital images from scratch.

Professional Commercial Photographers

Paper Boat Creative has nurtured a reputation for quality photo retouching and editing, but we’ve also been working behind the lens to bring creative concepts to life.

Our founder, Creative Director, and former Getty Images Senior Art Director, Rebecca Van Ommen, has long been involved in advertising campaigns and editorials for the country’s leading print and online magazines. She is known as the professional photographer and videographer for various fashion, product, or brand campaigns. She has explored a wide range of photography styles and types, continuously refining her skills and knowledge behind the lens.

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Passing the Knowledge

As she does with her interns for photo editing and retouching, Rebecca also shares her expertise in photography to the younger generation. She trains the newer members of Paper Boat Creative’s photography team on how to take advertorial-quality photos. So when you hire us to do a photoshoot, you might see one or two other photographers taking pictures behind the scenes.

Ms. Rebecca Van Ommen oversees our editorial, product, e-commerce, and fashion photography projects. With her careful attention to detail and penchant for injecting creativity into the mundane, you can expect to see editorial or product photos that steal the spotlight.

A Complete Package

Choose Paper Boat Creative, and you’ll have access to a comprehensive photography package.

The following are part and parcel of our commercial product photography services:

Creative Direction and Styling

Benefit from our years of advertising experience and photography expertise. The Paper Boat Creative photography team is at your disposal for concept planning and set designing.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, retailer, designer, or even a service provider, high-quality images can help you generate sales. Your chances increase further when the photos you use are not just crisp and clear, but also styled to stand out and attract a particular target audience.

Obtain beautiful, artistic, and ad-worthy commercial photos with our expert styling and Rebecca Van Ommen’s creative direction.

Access to World-Class Photo Retouching

Paper Boat Creative is an award-winning photo retouching and editing company. Photos that go through our post-production process receive stellar treatment. One look at the results, and there’s no doubt that professional retouchers handled them.

Enjoy the advantages of having professional photographers who are also skilled at photo retouching:

  • High-quality digital touch-ups – As soon as the shoot is over, your photos will go to our retouching team for culling and review. We offer standard retouching as part of our photography service.
  • Timely turnover of retouched photos – With the coordination chain being shorter and more efficient, your photos can move from photographer to editor to you or your client fast.
  • On-brand and theme-appropriate retouching – Involving our company when planning your photoshoot ensures that the output matches your brand and concept from styling to post-production effects.
  • Efficient photoshoot sessions – Save time and resources with a hassle-free photoshoot. Our photographers know what they can achieve in a practical set and what may be enhanced by our retouchers.

Access to Advanced Post-Production Editing

Expect Paper Boat Creative to be on board with surrealistic concepts that will need advanced photo editing. By keeping this service in-house, you can get your finished photos faster and at a more reasonable rate. Discuss the extent of your vision with us. With our creative team on board, we can bring to life any concept you may have.

Get Our Experienced and Skilled Team on Your Campaign

Choose Paper Boat Creative’s commercial photography services. No account is too small or big for us. Once we give our commitment, you can expect our absolute dedication to producing the best photos for your campaigns.

We focus on capturing gorgeous shots that serve your purpose. We have the technology and know-how to shoot commercial photos that you can use for specific mediums:

  • Websites
  • Billboards
  • LED displays
  • Television
  • Traditional and glossy prints

We understand the interactions between light, color pigments, and surface textures. We take the time to get to know your brand, goals, and the message you want to convey through photography. We also do plenty of prep work and experiment with different combinations until we find results that are perfect for your campaign.

Our photographers capture photos that tell your story. At Paper Boat Creative, we don’t just point and shoot. A lot of careful thought and planning go into our photoshoots, whether we’re taking still-life product photos or working with models.

Choose Paper Boat Creative to breathe life into your creative concepts. Drop by our office at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig or call us to schedule a meeting. You may also send word through our contact form.


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