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Professional Colour Correction Services

Color correction is the process of fixing and resolving any kinds of color issues with the photo.  It also brings the image to a deeper dimension, playing on moods and tones based on the hues that are selected. Colours can change the story completely, so let us help you on that journey of visual story telling.

Add depth, clarity and drama to your photos through professional colour correction. You may opt to adjust brightness, white balance, filters, contrast, tone, saturation, highlights and the shadows of a photo to achieve a striking and refreshing finish.

High-quality colour correction injects life into an image. It elevates photo quality: from good to great and from great to outstanding.

The service we provide is advanced color correction, so we listen to the story you want to tell with your image, and we bring it to life.

Paper Boat Creative offers colour correction services that are personalised to your needs. We relentlessly strive to understand your desired outcome and deliver the end result you imagined.

Using photo enhancement software and tools, we provide a wide range of colour correction processes:

  1. White balancing of images
  2. Photo density and colour correction
  3. Tonal value adjustments
  4. Skin colour correcting
  5. Colour enhancement or refinement
  6. Black and white adjustments

Why do we need to color correct?

In photography, it can be rare to get an image that is absolutely balanced where the whites of an image are truly white, and the blacks of an image are truly black.  This is because there are so many varying light sources as well as objects reflecting off of each other, mixing up colors in space.

Colour distortions normally occur from one of the following reasons:

  • Source of light
  • Objects around the subject
  • Camera settings

Source of Light Distorts Color

Only sunlight provides pure white light. Indoors, there are typically two common kinds of lights:

  1. Flourescent – these lights tend to give off a blue or green shine, so photographs taken with this lighting will look a little bit cold
  2. Incandescent – these lights are warmer in colour like yellow or orange, and they are normally also quite hot to the touch.

Modern technology has created LED lights which mimic the pure white light of the sun, but it’s still not pure white light as it can creep incrementally either to warm or cold tones.

Even with pure white light like the sun, the time of the day can affect the colors as well.  A sunset shot can look more red and orange, and sometimes it goes a bit too much in that direction, so some balance is needed.

color correction for a plaza's image before and after

Our eyes are the perfect cameras, they are able to absorb colors and see the true effect of light hitting another object.  With photography, it’s a man-made distortion that attempts to see what we see, but it’s not perfect, not yet.

So if we truly did see a fantastic sunset, you might be wondering why your image on your camera isn’t as fabulous, because it might be trying to auto-adjust.

The opposite can be true too, the image might be overly saturated, which requires some fixing up.  In either case, colour correction is needed.

Objects around the subject distort color

color correction for a plaza's image before and after

Have you ever walked near a green background, and notice that your skin color seems to be more pale all of a sudden? Or have you walked near a night lamp and noticed how your face glows yellow, making even your eyes and hair glow yellow as well?  That’s because objects reflect light off of each other, as well as colour.

We often have images of models standing against different coloured backgrounds, and perhaps not by intention, their skin also reflects that same colour. 

Using different methods to very precisely pick exact colours and tweak them, without breaking pixels, we manage to adjust the image to bring it to wherever the client wants it to go.

Your Camera can distort Colour

a woman holding a camera

If you’re using an automatic camera for shooting, it’s likely that the colours you see are hyper-real.  They make it easy to try to make your image look fabulous. The sky will look very blue, the trees will look very rich and green, the sunset will have deep oranges, and so on.  It can be great for home photography, but when it comes to precise colour balancing for skin tone or objects, it can get a little messy and complicated.  Over-saturation and auto brightness ruin any dramatic effect you’re trying to achieve through your shot. 

A professional camera will have light balancing settings on it, and professional photographers normally work on changing the Kelvin (K) setting on their camera, to match the environment they are in.  If they want to have a completely neutral look, where the whites of the objects are truly white, they’ll check the light temperature of the space and then set their camera to have a colder or warmer tone. 

In either case, the result is not perfect.  That’s our job, to perfect it for you and get you that exact mood you’re after.

Different Methods of Colour Correcting on Photoshop

Here are some of our most common tools used, however for more advanced conversations we can look at colour correction in even more detail.  Remember that fixing pixels is almost like trying pick out a grain of sand.  Sand has so many tiny particles of dark, medium and light bits, so one adjustment can affect the rest! 


Using the Levels tool on Photoshop, we can drop down on the tab from RGB (Red – Green – Blue combo) to the isolated colors of Red, Green or Blue separately.  Then we can adjust the toggle to enhance or reduce one colour over the other.

color reduction tutorial in photoshop


Using the Curve tool on Photoshop, which is great for lighting adjustments, you can also use the drop down toggle to adjust highlights and contrasts of colours too.  If you want all the shadows to look very blue for example, curves would be a great method for doing that.

lighting adjustment using photoshop's curve tool

Color Balance

It does what it says.  We find this tool great but sometimes also too generalised, so if we move the arrows to any one colour direction, it affects quite a lot of the image.  Sometimes it can be great, sometimes it can be a little harsh.

balancing colors using photoshop tutorial

Replace Color

This tool isolates a color and can adjust the brightness, hue (color), saturation meaning it’s intensity of color. The fuzziness toggle asks how much of that precise color you want adjusted.  The higher the fuzziness, the more generalized the colour selection and edit becomes.  We like this tool but we also find it a little bit destructive in pixel editing for very refined fixes.

replacing colors using photoshop tutorial

Hue / Saturation

We probably know this term quite well by now because we see this same option in phone cameras and simple applications.  Hue changes the overall color tone but in one fell swoop, while saturation gives you the option to have more intense, or more dull colour tones for your image.

color saturation using photoshop tutorial

Tutorial on precise color photo editing:

Here’s a photo of what we’re trying to correct.  You might think nothing’s wrong with it, but then you need to ask the question of intention.  Where do we want the photo to go?  What mood do we want for the image? In this particular case, we want it to look as if the model is within a soft pink sky, running at the crack of dawn, with a misty haze over the whole photo.  We want it to look soft, but dramatic.  Colour balance is needed.

We notice that the photo is a bit yellowish. We begin by adjusting the white balance of the image. That means we make sure that the whites or greys in the images are looking really white.

white balance adjustment image color editing

In the next picture, you can see that the photo is much better because we reduced the yellow cast on the image by adjusting and white balance properly.

reduced yellow cast through white balance adjustment on photoshop

In this particular photo we wanted to put her in a pastel background under a sunset setting. So we added some colors that would blend her well to the background. Take a look below:

It doesn’t end there because as professional retouchers we seem to know what enhancements we should add to the image in order to achieve a great output. In photo below we added color grading using the levels tool  to help the subject blend well with the background and at the same time adding a bit of contrast to make the subject pop out more in the overall image.

color grading using the levels tool in photoshop

And now, some masking for a haze effect.

image masking for a haze effect

Close up of how the skin now looks

close up look on the image after color correction

Getting the original colours of the new sunset, and then carefully mixing it in with the photo

sunset color mixing in the image
sunset color mixing in the image using photoshop

And after some series of tweaks on the photo we came up with this final photo:

final tweak for the image color correction

Colour correction is one of the primary steps in photo enhancement. Our colour correction services are applicable for various projects, including:

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Work with a Premium Editing and Post Production house with a global clientelle
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