Make Your Image Composition Seamless

Composition photos are a welcome challenge at Paper Boat Creative. Since we’re working with different layers of images with different textures, lighting, and colors, we find ways to make every element work together organically.

The first step is to match the lighting of different sections in the images. The lighting quality, contrast, shadows, and scales must be consistent, no matter how many layers the photo has. We ensure that the masking is perfect and adjust the lighting of the foreground and background to create more depth.

We pay close attention to layers with fine details, such as hair and fur, which are difficult to blend into the image. Our team also highlights the central element of the photo, the one to which attention is directed.

Because so many fine details are involved, your composite photo needs to go through the hands of no less than a professional. Paper Boat Creative has worked on various composition photos before, and each turned out artistically evocative, seamless, and dreamlike.

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