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Cover artwork of Air Asia 3Sixty created by Rebecca van Ommen and The Paper Boat Creative
Rebecca van Ommen standing with an AirAsia stewardess who joked that she wanted to be the next cover girl for the magazine.

If you’ve been around any of the Southeast Asian airports recently, you might have stumbled upon our work in the latest edition of the Air Asia Inflight Magazine 360, The Japanese Connection.  We knew AirAsia needed the photo, but we didn’t know it would make it to the cover!

On a trip recently for some photo shoot and design assignments in Bali, our creative director Rebecca was pleasantly surprised to see entire airports filled with her photo.  Well, it wasn’t a photo of her, but a photo she conceptualized, hand painted with the help of another makeup artist, and retouched with the Paper Boat Creative team.

The idea spawned from the idea of cross cultures, identity and hidden identity.  It was part of a larger body of face painting work where Rebecca got people from other ethnicities to pose for countries they didn’t really have a connection to, but one that people would assume they did.  And point proven: the model here wasn’t even Japanse, not at all.

Model Junia Djojonegoro (@juniadj) 

Graciously sat with the Paper Boat team for a couple hours while we smothered many layers of paint on her face and hair. Even her ears and the inside of her nose were painted white. 

Now, Guess where she’s from?  Indonesia, but not really, London! Confusing? Yes! Like so many of us! It’s so wonderful to see the purpose of the shoot actually published in large scale.

Model Junia Djojonegoro, originally Indonesian but living in London, posing for a Japanese advertising concept
As for the photo retouching, once the painting job and photography were complete, we did delicate beauty skin photo editing on the image. It had to look polished, but not too polished. The real makeup design and brush strokes needed to show through the image.  The tricky part was to keep everything high key. White can so easily burn out and look too pure white, so the retouch had to play with a lot of light greys to make the image perfect.  We think we did a pretty decent job! The magazine was literally everywhere in Asia! We’re so thrilled that people were able to see this photo so many times and we hope you’ll see it too! If you’d like to purchase the photo, you can find it here. https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/japanese-flag-painted-on-womans-face-high-res-stock-photography/102768622 https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/japanese-flag-painted-on-womans-face-high-res-stock-photography/102768626 https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/japanese-flag-painted-on-womans-face-high-res-stock-photography/102768624 And if you’d like to read the online version of the magazine, you can find here: https://issuu.com/airasia/docs/120731171254-a60f03a7672645a8ad05f0c8d1cd48c1

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