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Product Photography: A Driving Factor for E-Commerce Growth

Customers enter a new brick and mortar store when they like what they see on the display windows. They can look at the product carefully and hold it, helping them decide whether to buy it or not. The same is true if you’re running an online store, except consumers have only the photo of your products to go by.

So the quality of your images has the power to draw attention and drive engagement. It has the power to influence and persuade a purchase. That one, eye-catching image of your product could be the lean, mean, selling machine you need to drum up sales for your online store.

Product Photos Can Make or Break Your Growth

Shoppers could still abandon your site even if they’re ready to make a purchase because your images may not be persuasive enough. Since customers can’t touch or fit a dress, for example, they rely on photos to see whether that dress will fit them.

Your potential customers are less likely to buy your product if they see it in low-resolution. The details of a particular e-commerce product should be clear in the photo, which you can achieve through product photo editing designed for e-commerce. What your visitors see on your product page can set their expectations. So make that image count.

Visual Elements Encourage Customers to Stay

Visual content is crucial in e-commerce because the wrong one can affect your conversions. Like brick and mortar stores, your online store should also be appealing to encourage visitors to stay and, eventually, buy.  After all, it’s the representation of your business.

Use custom visual elements to boost your conversion rates by seven percent higher than those that don’t. Keep in mind, as well, that it only takes one-tenth of a second to form a first impression. Make sure you include elements that would create a positive and lasting impression.

You should also focus on the necessary details when designing your website. Display relevant product information, including the price, product specifications, and delivery details, along with high-quality images.

Additionally, an eye-tracking study shows that e-commerce customers struggle to read the product description fully and tend not to finish videos about certain items. Consider shortening your product description and use more product images than videos.

Making Product Photography Work for Your Online Store

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Producing high-quality products photos may not be enough to convince customers to purchase. You should also use these photos in a way that can address the pain point of online shopping: the absence of the experience — of picking up and seeing products personally.

Your website visitors should see clean product shots in different angles, allowing them to see it in its entirety. These images are generally in a plain white background to avoid color spill that affects the representation of the product. Visitors must be able to zoom in on a high definition photo, as well, to create the illusion of inspecting the product up close.

Lifestyle images are also vital to grabbing the attention of your potential customers. They show visitors how to interact with your products. These photos also establish emotional bonds, making the products more enticing to consumers.

Paper Boat Creative provides comprehensive product photo editing services to make your images more attractive, persuasive to your website visitors. We understand how to make your photos crisp and high-resolution to help boost your sales.

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