When people ask us to do photo retouching for beauty photographs, there seems to be a preconceived notion in their heads of what is beautiful. We are all different, and our opinion on the perfect look will absolutely be different as well.

What retouching Style Fits you?

So before we explore some of the beauty photo retouching styles we need to dig deeper and figure out the answer to this: what is beautiful?

  • Do you love that porcelain look?
  • Are you a fan of glitter and sparkle?
  • Does matte skin look better?
  • Do you like slightly teeth or straight teeth?
  • Do you want to see pores or completely eliminate them?
  • Are facial wrinkles good or bad?

Are eyebag lines supposed to be there or not?

There is no one right answer

Some people love people with beautifully manicured features, impeccably sharp lipstick, well planned layers of concealer and foundation to give the face that Hollywood glam look. Others like a very raw, no makeup, no nonsense look. Some people love exaggerated features, others like it dull and muted.

Here are a few different examples of beauty edits we’ve done for top photographers.  As professional photo retouchers, we need to go that one extra step to figure out what is YOUR idea of beauty.

So, when you ask us to do skin and beauty edits for you, we will be glad to be part of that deeper journey in revealing what you find beautiful. It begins with good dialogue. Never assume others will mirror your taste in one instant. Just as you have taken years to develop your own style and come to an internal agreement with yourself that THIS is beautiful, now it’s a challenge to share that idea.

We are here to help with that process.

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