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Level Up Your Jewelry Photography with These 3 Tips!

When it comes to commemorating special moments, we all want the memory we immortalize in a photograph to be no less than perfect. Beyond just mementos of a time gone by, these photographs serve to tell a story. While these memories commonly come in the form of us and our loved ones, sometimes some memories are more symbolic and sentimental in nature. And one of the most common and perfect examples of such memories is often hailed as a big deal in a small package.

With jewelry, each piece has a unique story to tell. Whether a piece is a testament to a love between husband and wife that has stood against the test of time, or it is a cherished heirloom passed down within the family, it is important for these cherished gems to look their best in any snapshot. Whether you are the proud owner of a sentimental piece, or you are a jewelry retailer that wants your pieces to be part of someone’s story one day, keep these jewelry retouching tips!

1. Spot the smudge

If you are trying to capture jewelry in its best light, be sure that it looks every bit as luxurious as it was meant to be. A rogue smudge on a band or stone can make even the most gorgeous ring look shabby. Keep a microfiber cloth on you at all times to swipe away any grime so you can take the best photo that flatters your piece at all angles. Put your best foot forward by capturing a spotless and glamorous photo.

2. Pick neutral lighting

Not all jewelry comes in classic gold, especially when it comes to modern pieces. The color of your lighting can sometimes transform the entire look of a piece, and not always in a good way. The wrong lighting may alter the colors of your piece, creating different expectations from prospecting buyers. Picking neutral lighting will allow your customers to look at your products in a photo that is as true to color as possible.

3. Set the scene

Keep your materials diverse. Creating a folio that combines a mix of catalogue-style product photos that are true to color and dimensions, as well as a number of editorial and lifestyle photos to show off the product with a model’s outfit. Some simple set and model styling can work wonders for highlighting your jewelry piece in choreographed real-life compositions to simulate how it would look in an everyday setting.

These tips are general good practice, and always handy to have in any shoot. But if you are still in doubt, employ professional jewelry photo retouching services that can tweak and handle the photos for you for the best output possible. Let your pieces shine with professionally retouched photos and these general tips for a successful photography session!

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