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Capture Your Child’s First Milestones, Made Special by Your Personal Touch

In these trying times of constant bad news, there’s something immensely heartwarming about celebrating new life. Babies are like life’s little miracles, bringing light wherever they go. With the current circumstances surrounding the country, the creativity of parents and photographers alike has been largely hampered due to current travel limitations and ready access to props, costumes, and professional services.

And to that, we say: don’t let these times drag you down and keep you from celebrating your little one’s most special milestones!

To help you in your journey in creating a shoot to remember your baby’s special moments, we compiled a few ideas for simple yet adorable home shoots that you can do with some online shopping, simple, everyday items and some serious arts and crafts skills. Discover these cute baby photo sesh ideas and document your little one’s moments your own way!

1. Get Geeky with Pop Culture

Do you and your partner have a shared passion for videogames?  Or maybe you have a favorite anime or comic that you have always bonded over? Pass on these passions to your little one by dressing up as your favorite character from a beloved fandom! With a bit of creativity and some basic pieces, you create an adorable costume for your newborn– just like this retro Super Mario one!

2. Go Big with Disney

There are very few things in life that kids love more than Disney. With its rich roster of pretty princesses and adorable animal companions, there is no shortage of inspiration to take. Go for a sweet and elegant princess look with this simple Ariel tutorial or an eclectic and fun piece by dressing your newborn as Hei-hei from Moana!

3. Go Big or Go Home with the Family

Why stop at dressing up your little one when you can celebrate their milestones as one big happy family! Choose a theme or color scheme that all of you can follow, and dress up for the occasion. If you prefer a smaller, more intimate shoot, choreograph poses for your newborn and your older kiddos. These pics will make perfect additions to a family photo album, and makes it a nice memento that your children can share once they’re older.

Moments like these deserve to be documented, and with many of us stuck at home, we lack the access to professional photography services. While that shouldn’t stop you from capturing these special moments at home, you can still lend a touch of magic with professional newborn photo editing services.

Because you are only using whatever gear you have at home to take your photos, you won’t always have the crispness and the lighting that you had envisioned for your shoot. By partnering with a reliable newborn photo editing services provider, you can submit your at home shoot photos for some digital retouching and enhancing for a cleaner, more polished, and overall better-looking output that really lets your little ones shine.

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