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Product Photoshoot Ideas to Inspire Your Creative Product Images

Product photography is essential for any business’ successful advertising strategy. While many brands use trendy gimmicks and unsustainable tactics to gather online engagement, that won’t get them to the end game of increasing brand recognition and sales. An eye-catching image that highlights your product’s unique features is crucial for any online brand, which is why you’ll need product shoot ideas that are out of the box paired with product photo editing services that produce flawless images that sell your product. Not all creative ideas for product photography work for all types of products. But here are some product photoshoot ideas paired with tips for better product images that can inspire you to stage your brand’s next big photoshoot and produce stunning high-quality product images that you can use online.

Sell an Experience, Not a Product

As a saying in marketing goes, don’t sell a mattress; sell a good night’s sleep. These days, fewer people are swayed by hard sales and pushy tactics. While your product pages should have images that lean towards the salesy side (i.e. images that allow your potential customers to see the details of your product as they’re about to purchase), your marketing images don’t have to be as salesy. So, for your next product photoshoot idea, think of what experience it is you’re selling to your customers.

For example, notice how different types of restaurants have different ways of marketing their food even if they have similar menus. Fast food restaurants’ product images highlight the easy and affordable experience of dining in. Mid-range restaurants sell the fun with friends and family with shareable meals. And high-end restaurants emphasize the luxury of their food, which is why they use decadent images of their menu.

Show the Product in Use

Depending on what your product is, you might be able to think of a photoshoot idea of seeing your product in action. For example, if you’re selling cosmetics, you could show an image of a model wearing your makeup. Or, if you’re selling ergonomic furniture for an office, you could show employees using your products while they’re busy at work. However, this is a fairly common way to shoot a product, so try to think out of the box about interesting but realistic ways people use your product to make it more eye-catching.

There might be some items that can be difficult to shoot with this idea. For example, if you’re a clothes store like Uniqlo, is it enough to simply show your clothes worn? Not necessarily. Feel free to unleash your creativity for ideas for product photography that emphasizes how your product stands out. In this case, look how Uniqlo advertises their clothes fit for school or work. Arrange a photoshoot of models wearing your clothes while posing around the bustling business districts in the area.

Take a Macro Shot

Macro shots are a close-up of everyday items that allow viewers to see the smaller details of even the smallest objects. Many macro images can be eye-catching because of a detailed shot paired with image enhancement services to accentuate every little detail on your product. This can evoke a viewer’s senses and help them imagine your product up close and personal.

For instance, look how Logitech uses a macro shot to market their mouse. The unique selling point of this mouse is its silent features, which is why the image puts the most focus on the parts of the mouse that typically makes the most noise.

While this can be an effective eye-catching form of product photography, we recommend using this method sparingly. Too many macro shots can get tiring, and people will want to eventually see the product in its entirety, not just a part of it.

Show the Whole Line in One Photo

skincare line

Why show one product when you can attract a wider audience by showing the entire line in one photo. If you have a product that comes in multiple colors, includes a wide range of sizes, or is catered to both sexes, you can opt to style a shoot that includes multiple products in one photo. For instance, look how Starbucks shows one of their latest tumbler collections.

These images can attract a wider audience as you’re putting multiple products into one photo. If you have a wide range of target audiences and you know that not everyone might like certain features of your product, try showing multiple variants in one image. Rather than creating three posts with three different products that can have different levels of engagement, you can create one post with three products and reach out to certain audiences in one go.

Show the Ingredients of Food Products

If you’re selling a food product, a popular way to go is by taking images of the product along with the raw ingredients used to make it. How you style this will depend on you. If your brand leans more towards homestyle food, take photos of your product in an everyday kitchen setting with the ingredients strewn about. For more modern and trendy food products, try a flat lay with a textured background using a fabric, rug, or tile. And for products that satisfy the sweet tooth, use fun and vibrant colors that oozes sweetness.

This isn’t just limited to food products, though. This can also apply to non-food products where the main selling point is its ingredients. If you’re selling body care or hair care products that are supposed to be all-organic, consider shooting outdoors and highlighting the natural ingredients in your products by using plants and flowers.

Emphasize Your Product’s Color

For products like paint, makeup, and art materials, you’ll want to emphasize the vibrancy of your products’ color pigment. Focus on product shoot ideas that emphasize the colors of your product.

For example, Fenty Beauty became viral after becoming one of the first brands to introduce an extensive range of foundation shades. And until now, they’re still creating more shades to be inclusive to all skin tones. They released a range of darker shades, and this image highlights the darker shades they’re now providing.

Paper Boat Creative Is Your Partner for Unique Product Photography Images

It’s not enough to take photos and call it a day. You’ll need creative product photo ideas to attract the attention of potential customers, and that means thinking outside the box for effective ways to showcase your products. But taking the photos is just half the battle – with the right photo manipulation services, you can post flawless product photos that highlight the best features of your product.

At Paper Boat Creative, we can help you bring your ideas to life with our photo retouching services. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our product photography services and how we can help you produce exceptional-quality images for your brand or your client.

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