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Photography Props for Jewelry to Create Your Stunning Product Photos

Effective product photography communicates the best features of your product and why it stands out from your competitors. Through creative photography and skilled image manipulation services, you can produce images that are sure to catch the eye of your target audience. But, when it comes to products like jewelry, this doesn’t necessarily mean taking pictures of each piece alone. You can add jewelry photography props that add context, texture, and other elements that can attract potential customers.

Jewelry photo props are just one of the many things you need for a jewelry photo shoot. Here are some creative jewelry photography props you can add to your next photoshoot to improve your product images.

Your Brand’s Jewelry Packaging

Luxury jewelry brands like Cartier and Tiffany & Co. have established their brand so well that anyone can instantly recognize their brand just by looking at their jewelry boxes. Using your product’s packaging one of the props for jewelry photography can help your target audience visualize what the product will look like when they purchase it. Many people purchase jewelry as a gift to others, so this type of photo can help them imagine what the product will look like tucked in its box.

Another reason to use jewelry boxes is to establish your branding within an image. If your packaging has your brand logo on it, you can use it to your advantage by displaying your brand strategically while also showing your product. However, this is assuming that you have your brand somewhere on the packaging. Take a look at how Tiffany does it with one of their pieces.

Eventually, your brand could be so recognizable that you can use your jewelry box in a creative way without the need for branding. In this image, Tiffany & Co. have their packaging in the frame, but not in the traditional way of showing the product in the box.

Themed Flat Lay and Props

Instead of selling a product, sell a story, a lifestyle, or an experience. So, rather than the usual stands used as jewelry photography props, opt for themed props that sell a story or give something for your potential customers to visualize when they see your products.

For instance, if you’re selling engagement rings and wedding rings, you can use themed props like wedding invitations, champagne glasses, flowers, and other items associated with engagements and weddings. If you’re selling jewelry of a certain color or collection, highlight the color using props with similar colors. For everyday jewelry one can wear to a casual setting, create a flat lay of everyday items that your target audience would use daily.

When creating your image, make sure that the props you choose complement your jewelry but don’t take the focus away from it. There will be more elements in the shot, so it’s important to pay attention and ensure the jewelry isn’t easily overlooked in your shots. Otherwise, you can opt to either make some modifications or use Photoshop to touch up pictures to help your jewelry stand out.

Human Models

Using models rather than stands to display your jewelry can provide two advantages that can help your customers and your brand. First, having models wear your jewelry can help your audience imagine what the piece will look like when worn. Different skin tones and varying body types may not always look good for certain types of jewelry, so seeing it worn by models can help audiences imagine what your product can look like on them.

For instance, long dangling earrings or choker necklaces may not be the best choice for people who want to hide or emphasize certain body features. Metal color may also emphasize or complement your skin tone. And some pieces may not be suitable for certain styles.

Using models to display your jewelry can also help you sell your product. Rather than showing your jewelry as is, you can use models to sell a lifestyle that your target audience aspires to. Whether your jewelry is meant for the carefree daydreamer or the luxuriously successful maven, you can show the aesthetic and branding that your jewelry pieces can bring to your customers.

model wearing accessory

Pendant Stands

For jewelry pieces with a singular pendant that you want highlighted as the focal point of your image, use pendant stands as one of your jewelry photo props. For necklaces, you can find pendant stands that are shaped like a human neck and chest and are commonly made out of plastic or wrapped in black velvet, though you can also find colored and transparent acrylic stands. If your necklace comes with a clamp, you can adjust the size accordingly to get the best fit for your stand.

And for both bracelets and necklaces, you can find plenty of different stands online. Some stands can range from the common ones often used at home, or stands with features like adjustable hooks and slots that can help you adjust the height and shape of your jewelry when on display. This can be useful for displaying longer necklaces.

Earring Stands

You can also find earring organizers or earring display stands to use as a prop for your next shoot. Some earring stands come with multiple holes to attach multiple pairs – if you want to take a shot of a collection of earrings, these models can be quite useful. There are also some stands that are good for one pair of earrings. While this option is good for all types of earrings, it offers a wider range of options for shots of dangling earring pieces. While a flat lay of dangling earrings can look good, having it dangling from a stand can help your customers see what it looks like when dangling.

Bowls, Glasses, and Other Round Objects

Want an image of your jewelry on its own, but can’t seem to create the perfect shape? You’ll still need props, as well as the magic of jewelry retouching services to achieve the look you want. Depending on the size of your necklace or bracelet, use a bowl, cup, glass, or any round object to shape your jewelry. If you can’t take the object out without ruining the perfect shape of your item, simply leave it as it and take a shot with it in the frame. Depending on the color and reflectiveness of the item, you might have to adjust your lighting settings accordingly for the best results, though this can also be fixed in post-production.

Following your shoot, you can then have the image retouched to remove the prop and any shadow effect it has on the image. A skilled editor can remove it to ensure your jewelry has the shape you want to achieve without the unsightly props you’ve used during production.

Make Your Product Photography Stand Out with Paper Boat Creative

For both creative ads and images to put on your online website, jewelry photo props can add visual elements and provide better angles and styles for your products. These are just some of the things you need for a jewelry photoshoot that can help you create eye-catching visuals to complement your jewelry and emphasize the quality and intricate details your brand provides.

At Paper Boat Creative, we help many brands, online stores, and independent jewelers create exceptional jewelry photography through our image manipulation service. Our team of highly-skilled editors uses the latest tools and techniques to deliver masterful post-production retouching and editing. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our retouching services to enhance your product images.

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