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Product Photography Prop Ideas to Try

Product photography is an essential tool for increasing sales and gaining more customers, but it can be hard to know exactly what props are best to use in your product photos. This blog post will discuss how to use props for product photography, what makes them so important, and some product shoot ideas you can use them in.

What is a Prop?

First things first: let’s define what we mean by props. In the world of photography, props refer to any objects that are used as part of a photo shoot. This could be anything from furniture and fabrics to accessories and tools—basically, anything that adds a stylistic element or creates a certain feeling in a photograph. Props help create an atmosphere or tell a story in your product photos, which can make them more engaging for potential customers.

Why Use Product Shoot Styling Props?

Using props can help make your product photos look more attractive and engaging. It also helps add more context for potential customers who may not be familiar with your product or service. By adding props, you can showcase how your products can be used and give customers a better idea of what they can expect from the item they purchase from you.

What Product Shoot Props Should I Use?

The type of props you should use depends on what kind of product you are trying to showcase. If you’re taking photos of mugs, for instance, then it might be helpful to include some sort of hot beverage item like coffee or teacups as well as other items like saucers and spoons that work with them.

Choosing the Best Props for Your Product Photography

When it comes to choosing the right props for your product photography, there are several factors that you should consider. First, think about what kind of mood or feeling you want your photo to convey—do you want it to be sleek and modern, or rustic and homey? Once you’ve identified this goal, then it’s time to start sourcing the props that will help achieve it. You could shop online or rent props from local businesses; just make sure they fit with your overall vision for the photo.

Here are some of our favorite product photography props to incorporate.

Props for Product Photoshoots

Blocks and Plinths

product photography props

A block or plinth is an essential piece of equipment for product photography. By elevating your product, you can create a more aesthetically pleasing composition and avoid background clutter. Blocks and plinths come in a variety of sizes and materials, so you can find the perfect one to suit your needs.

If you’re shooting small products, you may want to use a lightweight block made of foam or cardboard. A heavier-duty block made of wood or metal will provide more stability for larger items. When choosing a block or plinth, be sure to consider the size, weight, and material of your product. With the right block or plinth, you can take your product photography to the next level.


When it comes to product photography, the right fabric can make all the difference. A backdrop that is too light or too dark can throw off the whole look of a photo, and a pattern that is too busy can distract from the product itself. That’s why many professional photographers recommend a neutral fabric such as muslin.

Muslin is available in a variety of colors, so it’s easy to find one that will complement your product. In addition, muslin is lightweight and easy to work with, making it ideal for use in a studio setting. Best of all, muslin is relatively inexpensive, so you can stock up on a few yards without breaking the bank!


product photography props

If you’re planning on taking product photos, it’s important to consider your background carefully. A plain, white backdrop might be fine for some items, but other products will benefit from a more naturalistic setting. Greenery can make an excellent addition to product photos, lending them a touch of color and life.

On top of just looking good, greenery can also serve as a helpful prop, supporting and stabilizing your products. When selecting greenery for your product photos, look for variety in both color and texture. Additionally, make sure to choose plants that are fairly small and compact, so they don’t overwhelm your products.

Plates and Dishes

Plates and dishes can be great props for a number of different types of products, from food items to beauty products and more! By using plates and dishes of different sizes, colors, and textures, you can create an eye-catching background that really makes the product stand out. In addition, plates and dishes can also be used to create interesting angles and compositions.

For instance, you can place a small plate beneath the product to create an interesting angle or stack several dishes on top of one another to add depth and dimension. Whatever your needs, plates and dishes are sure to be a valuable asset in your product photography arsenal.

Books and Magazines

Books and magazines are often used as props in product photography. They can help to create a certain mood or atmosphere and can also be used to add scale or context to the product being photographed. Books and magazines can also be used to add color and contrast, making the product stand out from the background.

When choosing props for product photography, it is important to consider how they will be used in the shot. Will they be foreground or background elements? Will they be placed near the product or further away? How will they be arranged in the frame? By taking all of these factors into account, you can ensure that your books and magazines work with your products and not take attention away from them.


product photography props

When it comes to product photography, one of the most important considerations is lighting. To create evenly lit images that show off your products to their best advantage, you may want to use mirror props.

Mirror props are reflective surfaces that can be used to bounce light onto your subject. This helps to reduce shadows and create a more uniform light source. When using mirror props, it’s important to position them so that they don’t cause unwanted reflections in the finished image. For best results, experiment with different arrangements of mirror props until you find a setup that works for you!

Fairy Lights

As any photographer knows, lighting is one of the most important elements of a good photo. The right light can make a subject look dramatic, romantic, or even otherworldly. Fairy lights are a popular choice for photographers looking to add a touch of magic to their shots. These delicate lights can be used to create ethereal backdrops or highlight certain product features. When used correctly, fairy lights can help your photos stand out from the crowd.

Props can really take your product photography to the next level and help increase sales by giving potential customers a better understanding of how your products will fit into their lives.

When choosing props for your photos, think carefully about what objects would best complement your products and create an engaging image that will draw people in. With some creativity and thoughtfulness, props can help transform dull photographs into beautiful images that capture attention and boost sales!

Now that you’ve taken all those beautiful photos, it’s time to bring them to life with post-processing! Image enhancement services and image manipulation services can help you turn your images into true works of art. With just a few simple clicks, you can add filters, adjust colors, and even manipulate the image itself to create something truly unique.

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