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Shining Bright: How Do You Make Jewelry Sparkle?

Bright sparkles add to the visual impact of jewelry in photos. They attract attention to distinct features of the jewelry and help potential customers visualize how the piece would look on them.

However, if you’ve ever tried to take a photo of your jewelry, you know it’s quite tricky to get it to sparkle just right. And while this prompted some jewelry business owners to opt for photo correction services, there are many ways to add sparkle to jewelry photos on your own.

Read on to find out how to make jewelry sparkle in photos!

Tips to Make Jewelry Sparkle in Photos

There are various ways to make your jewelry shine in photos; some of these are really simple and easy-to-do, while others may require some skill and knowledge, but they’re techniques that you can learn over time.

That being said, here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

  • Look for good lighting
  • Balance the shadows
  • Utilize a different light source
  • Refrain from mixing light temperatures and sources
  • Aim for clean and simple backgrounds
  • Steer clear of reflections
  • Set your white balance
  • Edit in post-production
  • Create your jewelry photography guidelines

Look for Good Lighting

Capture the brilliance of each piece in your collection with the best jewelry photography lighting possible.

When taking photos outdoors, using natural light is ideal. Avoid harsh lighting and stay away from direct sunlight to avoid glare.

For indoor shoots, use locations and light sources that are available to you. Try windowsills as a location or the window as a light source. Play with lamps, flashlights, and other light sources you can think of. Experiment with artificial light setups to see what works best with the jewelry in your collection.

Surely, you’re aware of how lighting is an essential element of jewelry photography, and finding the best lighting available can make your subject shine in photos.

Balance the Shadows

jewelry photography

A jewel sparkles best when illuminated with a mixture of soft and harsh lights.

You can achieve this balance by first ensuring that there is a soft light source close to the subject. The diffused light produces soft shadows without lowlights and extreme highlights, but it won’t be enough to secure the effect needed.

It has to be combined with hard lighting located further away from the jewelry. This casts hard shadows and emphasizes specific parts of the photo.

The perfect blend of these conditions enables the jewelry to shine brightly.

Utilize a Different Light Source

Another tip to make jewelry sparkle in photos is to use an external light source like an independent flash, or a bare bulb that you can move and transfer depending on where you want to position the subject and camera.

Refrain from using the on-camera flash when photographing jewelry. Even though it can make the task simpler at that moment, the glare and harsh shadows it may produce can result in unflattering photos.

Refrain from Mixing Light Temperatures and Sources

When having the photoshoot indoors, remember to turn off harsh light sources, such as lamps and hanging lights, as these could affect the color of the jewelry in your photos.

If you have multiple light sources, use ones with similar coolness or warmth, known as the color temperature. Lights with a temperature of 2700-3000K are warm lights, while 5000K and above are cool.

Aim for Clean and Simple Backgrounds

jewelry photography

The background is an integral part of jewelry photos that should help the jewelry stand out. It is also one way to add sparkle to jewelry photos.

Use clean neutral backgrounds like black or white to spotlight the jewelry. Stay away from busy or distracting backgrounds that could draw focus away from the jewelry you’re showcasing. Ensure that no patterns or colors compete with the jewelry for attention and that the background contrasts with the featured jewelry.

Steer Clear of Reflections

Because gemstones and metals are reflective surfaces, taking photos of jewelry can be quite challenging. You need hours of practice to capture silver, gold, diamond, and other precious metals without any reflections.

Try these techniques to lessen reflections:

  • Change positions
  • Use diffusers and reflectors
  • Adjust exposure

Change Positions

One way you can steer clear of reflections is by changing positions during the photoshoot. Try to move the subject around or position yourself differently. Repositioning can block unwanted reflections.

Utilize Diffusers and Reflectors

Let the light bounce onto the jewelry and fill dark shadows with reflectors or soften harsh lighting during the shoot with a diffuser.

Adjust Exposure

If you’re having difficulty reducing reflections even after trying other techniques, try snapping photos of the jewelry with different exposures. One should be exposed for highlights, while the other should be for the rest of the scene. Use a tripod to take the photos in the same spot and make sure the photos are as similar as possible.

And lastly, create a composite image by blending both in post-production.

Reflections can alter your image completely. A good reflection enhances the aesthetic of the photo, but a poor reflection can make the subject feel flat or overpower the subject of the picture.

Set Your White Balance

Adjust your camera’s white balance before beginning the photo shoot. Do so using the automatic mode or try adjusting it manually. A wrongly adjusted white balance may cause misunderstandings between customers and jewelers due to inaccurate colors.

Edit in Post-production

jewelry photography

Another way to add glamor and elegance to your photos is by adding sparkles using photo editing software.

Here’s how to add sparkle effects in jewelry photos during post-production:

  1. Open a high-resolution image in Photoshop.
  2. Decide on the area you want to put the sparkles.
  3. Select the ‘Brush’ tool and set the foreground to black.
  4. Click on the ‘Brush Settings’ panel and experiment with how you want the sparkle to look.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with the result, export the photo.

Feel free to experiment and look for more tips and tricks on how to add sparkle during post-production. You can make each piece sparkle in photos with the right jewelry retouching techniques.

Create Your Own Jewelry Photography Guidelines

Having a jewelry photography guideline helps you produce consistent photos for your collections.

Begin by looking for a suitable setup. Check the elements, including the best lighting, camera settings, background, position of the subjects, as well as the position of equipment.

Record this setup and minimize variations between photos within the same collections. This is because a sudden change in elements between pictures can be jarring to potential customers and take them out of the moment.

If you have trouble developing a photography guideline, working with organizations that offer jewelry photo editing services may be right for you.

How Do You Make Jewelry Sparkle

When it comes to jewelry, having a stunning visual is a key selling point. Distinguish yourself from the competition by adding sparkles to high-quality photos and transforming them into unparalleled works of art.

Make your jewelry shine in photos using the tips and tricks listed above. You can also work with a professional photo editor if you need more help in post-processing.

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