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A Quick Guide on Essential E-Commerce Photo Editing Techniques

In the world of online business, captivating product images play a pivotal role in attracting your customers and driving conversions. This is why learning about photography and image editing techniques for e-commerce is so important. How you present your brand is ultimately how your consumers will perceive you to be.

In this blog, we will explore what the photo editing techniques are in e-commerce to learn the steps your images must go through before you can post them. This way, whether you edit your photos yourself or invest in a photo retouching company, you will have an idea of the process that ensures your products are presented in the best light.

Techniques to Use in E-Commerce Image Editing

Now, you may be wondering, “How do I edit images for e-commerce? Where do I start?”

Well, wonder no more, because here are some essential techniques you can use in e-commerce image editing:

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Background Removal and Product Isolation

One of the fundamental techniques you need to do in e-commerce image editing is background removal. When you remove distracting backdrops and isolate the product, you create a cleaner and more professional look that directs your viewer’s attention to the subject.

Also, when you isolate the subject, you have more flexibility in choosing a setting that will complement your product to make it stand out more.

Color Correction and Enhancement

Color plays a significant role in influencing a customer’s perception of your product. They typically expect that what they see in photos is what your product looks like in real life. So, to live up to that expectation, use color techniques to ensure accurate representation of your product’s hues.

You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation levels to make the colors pop without appearing oversaturated. You can also enhance specific product features in your photo by modifying the color balance.

Image Retouching and Imperfection Removal

Imperfections in an image regardless of their size can negatively affect how viewers look at your brand. This is why it’s important that you remove the scratches, dust, or wrinkles from your product photos.

To do this, you can use the spot healing tool, the clone stamp, or the liquify tool to remove defects while maintaining your image’s natural look. By retouching and removing imperfections, you can present a clean photo without distraction from your products.

Composition and Framing

Proper composition and framing can make a world of difference in product imagery. You can use the rule of thirds, leading lines, and symmetry to create visually balanced compositions. And by using proper framing techniques, you can ensure that the product remains the focal point of the image.

Adding these principles to your photos can add visual interest to your images and can help retain the attention of your viewers to your product.

Optimizing Image Size and Format

When you upload images in digital media, there are various photo sizes to keep in mind which are crucial in quick page load times and seamless user experience.

You can compress your photos by using formats like JPEG and PNG to minimize the file size while preserving image quality. And you can also resize your images to strike a balance between optimal file size and high-resolution visuals.

Just remember when you compress and resize your images, you have to optimize them for web, mobile, and in other online platforms to provide a consistent and visually pleasing experience to all users.

Editing your images for your online business is an essential part of producing high-quality, stunning photos, and when coupled with other tried and tested e-commerce photography tips, you can create a streamlined process.

After all, creative editing will dictate the final look your images will have.

Paper Boat Creative: Your Photo Editing Partner


In the competitive landscape of online businesses, utilizing effective techniques for e-commerce photo editing can give your online store a significant advantage.

By learning about the post-production process of your images, you can improve your digital ads and make a lasting impression on your target audience.

And if you don’t have time to practice these editing techniques yourself, consider investing in professional photo editing services!

Here at Paper Boat Creative, we ensure that your products are represented in the best possible light from the beginning of the photography stage to the end of the editing stage.

With our team of experts, we are sure to bring out the essence of your products and brand so that you successfully captivate and engage your target audience.

Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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