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Selling Jewelry on Pinterest: How to Improve Your Photos

Pinterest generates 250 million users every month as of September 2018, making it the fourth most popular social media platform in the US. The platform helps its users to focus on themselves and find different inspirations, whether it’s a new hobby or a new look.

As a jewelry retailer, you can use this platform to reach potential customers and boost your sales.

Pinterest Helps Sellers Reach Shoppers 

Pinterest isn’t just about sharing and discovering new interests. It also tries to help small businesses through tools that allow brands and retailers to reach consumers. These tools also provide the social network with additional ad revenue.

Pinterest announced businesses can make their product feed into inspiring, actionable ads. For example, you can feature multiple products in a single ad through the “Shop the Look” ad. Business Profiles will also have a dedicated “Shop” tab to allow users to purchase items directly from your profile and generate traffic to your site.

Since Pinterest is highly visual, your images should stand out. How do you do that?

Making Your Product Images Pinterest-Ready

Photographing jewelry can be challenging, especially with its materials, colors, and sizes. With proper techniques and the right equipment, however, you can capture your products beautifully. Professional retouching services will also enhance the quality of your jewelry photos. You also need to follow the guidelines for image and sizing set by Pinterest to boost the performance of your photographs.

Here are three tips to remember:

  • Use the right aspect ratio

Aspect ratio is the width of an image compared to its height. Pinterest uses vertical formats for most of its images, so use product photos that are taller than wide. The platform recommends sizing your Pins using a 2:3 aspect ratio, where the photo’s width is 2/3 its height. Your photo will be cut in users’ feed if you go beyond that aspect ratio. People won’t be able to see the full Pin.

  • Pick the right photographs

Pins serve as visual cues for people on Pinterest to help them find the right ideas. The platform says your images should be compelling and need to stand out in people’s feeds. Make sure each photo highlights your brand or service. It’s also important to give people an idea of what you offer. Refrain from using abstract imagery or stock photography that doesn’t reflect your brand.

  • Learn the specs, seek professionals
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Pinterest provides creative ways to present your products and help improve the performance of your images. Keep track of its product specs to ensure you’re updated with the right file sizes and types for various Pins.

Researching the way other brands use Pinterest will also help you make your efforts more effective. You should also develop a strong marketing plan to gain all the benefits  the social media platform has to offer for your business.

Most of all, work with professionals on your photos. Because there is a lot riding on your product images, they need to appear as attractive as possible.

Work with Professional Photo Editors 

Paper Boat Creative provides photo editing services to enhance the quality of your product images. Our team of highly-trained and experienced retouchers knows how to handle the complexity of jewelry photography. We will make your products shine and sparkle in photos as they do in real life. We use light and color correction tools to make your jewelry shine brighter, making them attractive for customers.

Contact us to learn more about our services.

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