Photo Editing Techniques Inspired by Instagram Trends

Instagram is one of the fastest growing mobile apps ever created. What was once a small, rising tech development in 2010 is now home to the best of mobile photography across the globe. Taking inspiration from Instagram and incorporating it into the photography post-production process could help create unique and striking photos. Here are four Instagram trends that could take ordinary photo editing techniques to the next level:

The Sharpened Travel Shot

During family holidays or solo trips to the beach, capturing the gorgeous scenery is inevitable when taking photographs. Behind you could be stunning shots of a waterfall or a breathtaking view of the ocean’s crystal-clear waters. Every click of the shutter could be your next best photo of fun and adventure.

When editing travel shots with nature as your backdrop, you would want to enhance and emphasise the beauty of the landscape. Enhance the details by sharpening the entire photograph and boosting the contrast as well. The Curves tool is also ideal in adjusting the colours to mimic the natural brightness of the scenery. These techniques brighten the photo while drawing the eyes to the background.

Overexposed Mornings

Early morning is one of the brightest moments of the day and also one of the most ideal atmospheres for photographs. Instagram feeds are filled with beautiful photographs of sunshine seeping into rooms as well as portraits of people enjoying their morning coffee by the window. With the overexposed photograph trend, you can add a dramatic flair to an otherwise simple photograph.

Using Photoshop, eliminate the shadows in the background while bumping up the highlights to strengthen the white tones of the picture. As a result, the details tend to have a lot of contrast and the entire photo instantly has an enchanting glow to it.

A Mix of Teal and Orange

The opposite of the overexposed photo trend is the golden hour photograph. This is when pictures look as if they were taken in the perfect glow of a sunset. However, you don’t need to wait until late in the afternoon to achieve the sunset look for your photo. With Photoshop, the possibilities are endless.

Manipulating the shadows and highlights of a picture helps you create teal and orange hues on your photograph. Adding a Gradient Map and subtly changing the color adds a sunset-inspired layer, leaving a golden sheen over your subject.

The Soft Fade

Another popular Instagram trend, the soft fade is a photo effect popularized by photo editing apps like VSCO and Lightroom. Photographs are generally warmer with sharpened details or harsh edges. Faded photographs also have a slight haze that gives a slightly ethereal feel.

In Photoshop, add a layer mask and apply either a black or white gradient to the image layer. You can also soften the details on the photo as well as achieve a grayish tone to achieve the cloudy effect. Lighten the shadows and darken the highlights for a softer look.

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