parts of a ring

Anatomy of a Ring 101: The Different Parts of a Ring You Should Know About

Rings are one of the most popular accessories often worn by people. This accessory is often used to symbolize the commitment of married couples or to mark the upcoming marriage of a betrothed. But this doesn’t mean that only those who have a special someone can wear a ring. Single people also use this to decorate themselves and make their hands more beautiful. You can even stack rings to make an interesting arrangement on your fingers!

But did you know that rings also have their own anatomy just like us humans? There are different parts of a ring that you may never know. So, let’s discuss them one by one:

parts of a ring
  • Head of the Ring – The head is a portion of the ring that holds the center stone.
  • Center Stone – These are the gemstones that are located at the center of the ring. They actually give the ring some charm and serve as the center of attraction.
  • Shank – This is the metal portion of the ring that goes around the finger, starting and ending at the head.
  • Prong – This part is a little metal tip or bead that holds the gemstones.
  • Shoulder – The shoulders of a ring are the sloping sides that lead up to the center of the design.
  • Bridge – The area underneath the head (setting) that rests on the wearer’s finger is called the bridge.
  • Side Stones – Side stones are gemstones that are typically smaller in size compared to the center stone in the ring design.
  • Accent Stones – These are smaller gemstones used as decoration for the shank.
  • Base/Sizing Area– This is the area furthest away from the head, which is typically left plain so that resizing does not affect the original design on the shank.
  • Logo or Engraving – Logos are located in the base/sizing area and serve as the trademark or branding of the company. They are usually engraved on the ring.

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parts of a ring

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