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Jewelry Photography Ideas to Inspire Your Next Photoshoot

Selling jewelry requires plenty of images of each product. For instance, your product page or catalog should use an image of your jewelry with a white background that’s been edited with professional jewelry retouching services to bring out its intricate details. A white background is a popular option for jewelry photography and puts all the customer’s focus on your product when browsing your store. But for uses like social media posts, online ads, print-out media, and other promotional tools, this can be too plain to capture the attention of the customers you want to reach out to. In this case, it’s best to use creative jewelry photography ideas to help your products stand out.

Like any other product, it’s not enough to just show the product to get people’s attention. With the right photoshoot ideas for your jewelry, you can tell a story, establish your brand, or provide a unique take that captures the attention of your target audience. Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm some jewelry photoshoot ideas for your brand or your client.

Add Your Branding

Your brand is what establishes your business from all the other independent jewelers, luxury fashion houses, and costume jewelry suppliers in the market. So whether you’re an established brand, just starting out, or looking to make a name for yourself within the industry, having images that sport your brand and/or logo can help establish yourself on places like social media. These types of creative jewelry photography ideas are best for online platforms like social media, online ads, and your homepage.

Every jeweler can benefit from this type of photoshoot. For instance, have you seen advertisements for high-end jewelers like Bulgari and Cartier? Here’s an example of Bulgari’s social media post on Instagram.

Notice how Bulgari uses a white background, but they’ve added subtle elements like the embossed letters and the shadow of their jewelry to make it stand out. The image doesn’t outright show their logo, but the letters are associated with their brand. And it’s done in such a way that the average person scrolling through their Instagram feed will instantly recognize the piece as Bulgari’s product, but the focus of the image is right on the necklace. This could help you brainstorm some background ideas for jewelry photography to find subtle ways to insert your branding.

In contrast, here’s another example of jewelry photography from Cartier’s Instagram page

It has a white background, but it uses a model’s hands wearing the ring and uses reel frame-by-frame animation to capture the attention of users. Now, notice how Cartier doesn’t put its branding on the post, but many users (particularly those who like browsing for luxury jewelry) can easily tell that it’s a Cartier ring. That’s because Cartier has established itself as a brand for so long that its red box has become an icon many people can recognize. The ring may not be the main focus of this post, but seeing it and the box in one post provides a creative way to advertise Cartier’s famous engagement rings to the right audience.

Photos on a Model

Most (if not all) jewelers don’t limit their images to just their products and a couple of props. Many of them use models to show off how jewelry can look when worn. Not only does it show how the details of your pieces, but it also can give viewers an idea of whether that type of jewelry can complement their skin tone, outfit of choice, or their body type. Here are some examples of how to add models to your jewelry shoot ideas:

How you style your models will depend on your brand, aesthetic, and the type of jewelry you want to display. Tapping on professional models, celebrities, and influencers can help your brand reach out to their fan bases. However, this isn’t necessary if you have the right marketing strategy, and you can simply use everyday people willing to model your products. Pro-tip: take advantage of social media and keep an eye out for users sharing images of them wearing your jewelry.

On the other hand, focusing on diversity when searching for models to wear your jewelry can help audiences see what certain pieces look like on different types of skin tones and body types. This can help you reach a wider audience as more people can imagine what your pieces will look like when worn.

Themed Jewelry Photoshoot Ideas

Using a combination of creative backdrops, props, post-production editing, and professional jewelry retouching services, you can tell a story with just one image. A themed photoshoot doesn’t necessarily have to put the jewelry front and center, but it does tell a story or paint a picture of a lifestyle, fandom, or aesthetic that could reach the right target audience. Take a look at some of these themed images from Pandora:

FLORALS: These images use flowers, a model, and an outdoor background as a creative way of showcasing these floral-themed jewelry sets. It shows that these pieces can be worn outdoors in an everyday look. These images were released on their Instagram page around April, selling a look and lifestyle for a spring or summer look.

THOR: The second image on this post shows the use of a model and the retouched background fitting in with the theme of Thor. Take note of the model’s outfit, which also plays into the futuristic, from-the-stars aesthetic with the rest of the image set.

BEACH THEME: Here’s an example of a creative jewelry photography idea that involves no props and is mostly through editing and retouching. With the right image enhancement services, you can design a stylish image that matches the aesthetic of your jewelry and brand.

FLATLAY: Finally, this flat lay could also give you some inspiration on how to design your jewelry photoshoot ideas. You can use any fabric, tile, or any other flat surface as your backdrop, and then add props that match your aesthetic. Be careful not to overdo it with the props, as you’ll still want your jewelry to be the main focus of the image.

Let Paper Boat Creative Bring Your Next Jewelry Photo Ideas to Life

There’s no limit to how far your creativity can take you for your next big jewelry product photography ideas. These are just some examples and inspiring ideas that can help you brainstorm your next idea that can fit your jewelry, brand, and aesthetic.

Once you’ve come up with your idea and ironed out the details, why not give us a call? At Paper Boat Creative, we provide image enhancement services for high-end product photography. Let our skilled team retouch your photos and have them picture-perfect and ready to capture the attention of your target audience. Visit our website to learn more about our image manipulation services today.

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