Get to Know the Difference Among Basic, Professional, and High-End Photo Retouching

People often wonder if how much you spend on photo retouching makes us difference and we’re here to tell you: YES. It does! There’s a huge difference in quality between basic, professional, and high end photo retouching services and the effect it has not just on your photos but on your potential customers as well.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down the differences between basic, professional, and high end photo retouching services to see exactly what goes on in each type of service of photo retouching.

1. Basic Photo Retouching

As the name suggests, basic photo retouching is the basic photo retouching services typically includes blemish removals such as any visible scars, zits, pimples, wrinkles, or acne. We also smoothen the skin and make the teeth whiter. We check for any stray hair that may be covering the face, shoulders, and back and edit it out before color correcting the photo to make sure the colors are as true to they are in real life. Because we’ve had a lot of experience in retouching, our team usually only needs a few minutes to do basic photo retouching per image.

2. Professional Level Photo Retouching

Professional level photo retouching is a notch above basic photo retouching. We do the same photo retouching we do for basic photo retouching: blemishes removal, skin smoothening, teeth whitening, color correction with added enhancements such as background enhancement like solid color replacement, extending the background if the client needs it, and remove any small objects in the background that may be distracting. We also remove stray hair from the faces of the subject as well as contour the face of the subject, if the client requests for it.

3. High End Photo Retouching

High end photo retouching services is where your photos really shine. We love this level of photo retouching because of experts can really let their talents loose, although it does take a lot more time compared to professional and especially basic photo retouching.

High end photo retouching is more time consuming because it pays attention to all the fine details such as removing wrinkles, hair, or stains from clothes, using the Liquify tool to change the image’s proportions, and even composing the image of the client’s dreams from multiple images.

Nowadays, high end photo retouching is favored by many photographers and brands all over the world. High end photo retouching services is used by many e-commerce brands to tell a story, show off their products and services, and most importantly, to communicate to their customers the best qualities of their brand through high-resolution advertising photos.

At Paper Boat Creative, we’re absolutely obsessed with making each and every image looking its best which is why we hate cookie-cutter solutions. Each image is painstakingly crafted and edited to perfection to ensure that every detail is flawless. From simple clean ups and enhancements to major, complex image compositions, whatever your brand needs, our team of experts can get it done for you. We never use a one-size-fits-all approach for any of our high end photo retouching services. Instead, we take the time to get to know what you and your audience needs, and customize our services for you.

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