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Cleaning up logos is one of the common problems that companies and brands approach us for.

Aside from photographers and digital artists, some of our clients include companies and brands that come to us for product cleaning and correction. Learn how we go through this process below so you can clean up labels and cater to client requests that need some minor clean ups!

For many of our clients, dust cleaning is the first course of action for our clients. But sometimes, even after dust cleaning, the problem still persists. A lot of this may have less to do about the logo itself, and more to do with the print quality. It is easy to forget that printed labels are actually interpretations for existing digital artwork, so their quality may not always be as sharp as we want them to.

Read on to get an idea for how the Paper Boat Creative team works around logo cleanups for sharper, crisper, logos on print labels!

Retouching your logos digitally is the key to printing out clearer labels for client merchandise. Using Photoshop, our team will replace the logo with the corresponding digital artwork. This simple process is a great way to quickly remove the pixelation from the entirety of your label. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough of our logo removal process and digital artwork replacement:

1. Prepare the Asset

Open up a file of the label as well as a copy of the original digital artwork.

2. Remove the Logo Using the Path Tool

Cleanly remove the logo using the path tool for a blank slate for the digital artwork.

3. Replacing the Logo

Upload the original digital artwork over the label for a clean and crisp digital label for your corporate merchandise.

Clean and crisp labels add a neater, more sophisticated vibe to your merchandise, so taking the time for this extra step is a sure-fire way of elevating you or your client’s products. We hope that this short guide to the Paper Boat Creative process of cleaning up logos will help you increasing the quality of your merchandise labels, but if in doubt, feel free to reach out to the Paper Boat team for your retouching needs!

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