Feature on Rookie Humans: the cutest little hand-designed cribs for babies


Rookie humans makes crib sheets in various designs. They have artists who create these creative designs for the baby sheets.

Our friends from Rookie Humans need our help in making these photos fascinating. The images appear to be just okay after the photoshoot but these photos can reach it maximum potential with the help of retouchers. Numerous techniques and  different tools help the retouchers with the task.

Most of the common misconceptions people make is that they think every photo is automatically instagram-ready by just adding some filters to it.

Also baby photography is difficult because the child is always moving around and during photo sessions we can not guarantee that the babies will cooperate, so we always come to assist as photo retouchers to make every picture perfect and gorgeous.

Our retouching flow is pretty straightforward and it begins with the clean up of blemishes, dusts, spots, errors that each photo has. We use clone-stamp, patch and spot healing brush tools whenever we clean up images. We also make sure baby’s skin should be nice without making it look overpainted like mannequin. We start with the face and we make sure it is well retouched but non destructively. We reduce the redness on some areas that appear really red and we fix discolorations on some parts as well.

In some of the images we place different crib sheets on different baby model depending on what the client wants. We do that by cutting the baby out and we make a mask so that our new crib sheet will appear under our baby layer. In that way we have versatility especially when we want to change the sheet background any time. We also make sure the cutout is looking realistic and by saying realistic it means the edge of the baby cutout should be true and same as the real photo.

Now that we have a separate baby layer and a crib sheet background the element we need to add to make it realistic is the shadow. We add shadow by either drawing and creating it manually or by extracting the original shadow from the original photo with a bit of modification. Creating a shadow is kind of challenging because you should know how to read light and how it falls on to your subject and apparently that’s the best way to understand how shadows fall.

When we create shadows we also make sure the texture of the sheet is still there.

At the final part of the retouch we kind of look at the image in a wide perspective to see the remaining errors that need amendment ranging from discoloration up to brightening of some dark areas.

An animation that begins and ends on the same frame is called a ‘loop’. Looping animation works when the animations you created is seamless and patterned. A loop is a short, recurring event. It must be clear and precise. Keeping the design simple will allow a more pleasant viewing experience.

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