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15 Versatile Newborn Photography Background Ideas

There are so many ways to make a newborn baby’s pictures creative, such as props, costumes, and image enhancement services. And one great way to enhance your photos is through playfully being creative with the background.

Take your newborn photography from good to stunning with the best backgrounds for newborn photography.

15 Background Ideas for Newborn Photography

1. Colored Cloth

Cloths are a cost-efficient background choice. You can use any color and texture. You can choose a light-colored cloth for brighter photos or a dark-colored one for moody effects.

You can also experiment with different cloth textures, such as cotton, linen, acrylic, and so on.

Most fabrics are easy to maneuver into whatever shape or pattern that suits your theme. Some examples include: creating waves with a blue cloth for a nautical or mermaid theme; forming a rainbow; or simple draped curtains.

2. Faux Fur

newborn photography

If you want pictures with a soft, cozy effect, faux fur is an excellent choice. This fabric is known for its soft texture and wispy appearance.

Faux fur also comes in different colors and patterns ranging from pastel pinks and blues to animal prints, to bolder shades of brown, black, and red.

What’s more, faux fur is truly soft to the touch. So, for example, if you want a rustic theme, you could make a wooden crate more comfortable for your baby by covering it with faux fur. You could also make a simple shoot more whimsical by adding a faux fur on a bed or bean bag. Or go for a safari theme with animal-printed faux fur.

3. Lace

This delicately woven fabric is full of character. Lace complements the soft features of newborn infants very well.

If you want a simple by elegant background for newborn photography, you could use lace as a curtain or tent surrounding the baby, or drape them over a table.

Another fool-proof way to use lace is by overlaying it on top of another cloth. The cloth can be the same color as the lace or slightly darker so there’s a subtle contrast in the background.

4. Tulle

newborn photography

Tulle is a sheer, fluffy fabric typically used in dresses. However, they’re also commonly used as background in baby and bridal events.

Tulle gives a soft effect as a backdrop for photography. It can easily add depth to an image while keeping it light. This is because, along with its softness, the fabric usually comes in pastel colors, helping it add more perspective in a photo as part of the backdrop.

If you need to create a soft background for your shoot—for example, clouds—tulle can easily help you create that illusion. You could also simply use tulle with flowers or balloons for more feminine vibes.

5. Vinyl Backdrop

Vinyl backdrops are a popular choice among professional photographers because of their versatility. They serve as a clear, solid background that comes in different colors. These backdrops can also be used as a newborn photo background.

This type of backdrop works well on its own—if you want a photo that focuses only on your baby. You can opt for light colors for a soft effect or dark colors for a moody shot.

If you’re interested in trying a nature-themed photoshoot or other newborn photography ideas, you can toss in some props with the vinyl background to achieve the look.

6. Wood

newborn photography

Wood is a staple for rustic photoshoots and can be an interesting backdrop for a newborn photoshoot. Different wood types have unique wood grain that gives each plank unique characteristics. You can use wooden flooring, pallets, or wooden table or dresser.

When used in photoshoots, wood offers a rich background. It provides depth without pulling focus from the delicate subject of the image. Some wood-inspired background ideas for babies include: farm or barnyard, rustic, beach, or bohemian themes.

7. Fairy Lights

Perhaps one of our favorite newborn photography background ideas is fairy lights.

Fairy lights are best described as the dainty version of Christmas lights. They often have smaller bulbs that emit white or yellowish light.

With these lights, your photographer could play with the bokeh effect for a more artistic approach. You may hang the fairy lights on a wall or lay them out on a table. Another option is to lightly fill a mason jar with fairy lights.

However you use fairy lights, they are sure to illuminate your baby’s photos beautifully.

8. Florals

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When you think of flowers, you probably think of them as props. However, with some DIY work, florals can also work great as a backdrop.

You can use any type of flower—use whole flowers with their stems, or just the petals. You could also incorporate leaves and branches for a more woodlands vibe. You can attach them to a wall, scatter them around, or fill the shot with followers.

Floral backgrounds look amazing with babies. Their delicate colors add vibrancy to images, but they don’t overshadow the newborn which is why they are one of the best backdrops for newborn photography.  

9. Doilies

Doilies are mats made with paper or fabric. They have openwork patterns reminiscent of lace and crocheted materials.

While these are made as mats, doilies can be used as a creative background for photoshoots with infants.

For a simple background, you can overlay the doilies on a white or light background. However, if you want a more noticeable background, let the doilies’ patterns stand out against a darker underlay.

10. Balloons

Like flowers, most people think of balloons as props rather than backgrounds for photoshoots. However, you can push the balloons to the back so they can add color to the picture without overcrowding it.

Balloons can make your photos as colorful as you want. But you can also make the shoot monochromatic. Some balloon-oriented photoshoot themes you can do include: milestone or age, hot air balloon, or a summer theme.

11. Quilts

With quilts, you get a cacophony of colors and patterns. You may love covering yourself in quilt blankets on a cold night. But blankets could add unique elements to your newborn pictures.

If you want a cost-efficient but still vibrant background for newborn pictures, a quilt will do well. If you plan on laying your baby directly on the quilt, they will surely doze off throughout the shoot because it’s comfortable.

Make newborn photoshoots even more meaningful with quilts that are valuable to the family. You could use a quilt that someone made for the baby or one that is already meaningful to the parents. Here are some themes wherein you can use quilts in the background for your baby: a cozy homey vibe or bohemian theme.

12. Knitwear

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Another cozy backdrop option is a knitted material, such as a blanket or a tablecloth. Knitted materials are soft and often have texture, which is why they make great backgrounds.

Take advantage of the finer details of knitted materials to make your photos more interesting.

Plus, because they’re actually soft and warm, your baby will likely stay snug. Some photoshoot ideas for knitwear can include: whimsical fairy themes, bohemian, and rustic themes.

13. Black Backdrop

Black is a dramatic color that you may not associate with newborns. However, if you want minimalistic but rich images, a black background will do the job.

There are many ways to achieve a black backdrop. A vinyl backdrop will provide a solid black material while a black cloth can give a more textured feel to the photos. Likewise, you could use other materials, such as tulle or lace to make the background more charismatic.

You can use a black backdrop for sentimental shoots, such as those that feature a parent’s hand or an element of their work or hobby.

14. The Outdoors

newborn photography

While it is ideal, you’re not limited to a studio shoot. Another newborn photo background worth exploring is the great outdoors.

Take advantage of natural light and the vibrant colors of nature to produce inspiring newborn photos. Incorporate the natural flora in your area to make the baby’s pictures unique to them and their family.

Baby photoshoot themes such as picnic, summer, bohemian, or woodland can help make your baby’s pictures truly one for the books!

15. Green Screen

If you have unique newborn photography background ideas that may be difficult to execute, a green screen may make the work easier.

Tap a newborn baby photo editing company to edit your little angel into whatever scenario you have in mind.

A green screen allows you to execute really creative ideas such as superhero, fairytale, or fantasy themes!

Make Every Photo Stand Out with Paper Boat Creatives

Newborn photography poses unique challenges requiring photographers to balance out creative ideas with the safety and comfort of the infant. Do consider these when brainstorming on what is the best background for newborn photography.

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Let’s discuss your newborn photo ideas and how we can help make them happen.

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