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No matter how cute little ones may be, some baby photography ideas are easier said than done. Even the smallest infants can cause a ruckus during an orderly shoot, wriggling and crying for their moms to express a variety of emotions! From hunger to annoyance, capturing your baby in photos can turn south quick if you aren’t careful. However, going through the trouble will be well worth it. This chapter of their lives is as precious as it is fleeting, and before you know it your kiddo will be all grown up. To help parents and photographers alike in their journey to document the beginnings of their baby’s life, we put together this list of easy photoshoot ideas for babies.

Whether you are a pair of parents looking for an easy photoshoot for baby at home, or a photographer who’s been tasked to shoot enchanting photos of an adorably cooing client, capture the cutest photos with minimal struggle by finding the perfect baby pictorial idea for your bundle of joy below!

1. Baby Burrito

Does your baby have a favorite blanket or towel? Or maybe your baby is the fussy, wriggly type! Keep baby still while looking their best by wrapping them up like a baby burrito! Choose between tucking their hands in or out of the bundle and experiment with different angles and fabric or prop colors. This is one of the simplest and most foolproof photo ideas for babies, so you can secure a variety of shots and explore baby photo editing instead to maximize the full potential of this simple posing method.

This Baby Pictorial Idea is Perfect For:

Wriggly little ones that can never sit still. By swaddling them in a towel or blanket that comforts them, you can soothe them into lying still for the camera while restricting their movement in a comfortable and safe manner. The Baby Burrito is also a great option for snapping some easy shots of your snoozing baby, making this the perfect easy photoshoot idea for babies that love to laze around. Take this concept to the next level and go for a funny approach with a literal burrito blanket!

Frog Form

This quintessential pose may seem too trivial or traditional, but some parents love it for its old school charm. Though certainly less experimental than other photography ideas for babies on this list, this pose is easy to recreate. It is also a pose that is safe and comfortable for the baby to sustain for an extended period of time—or at least enough time for you to hop back behind the lens for a couple of shots. Elevate this simple baby pictorial idea by picking out a glitzy headpiece for the baby to wear while holding the pose.

This Baby Pictorial Idea is Perfect For

Flexible infants or babies that don’t mind a bit of posing. Positioning their hands under their chin can be a bit of a struggle if the infant is not used to sitting still.  It is also a great choice for parents that want prefer more classic photography ideas for their baby’s photo book.

Taco Toddler

You have heard of Baby Burrito, now get ready for Taco Toddler! Also known as the ‘Womb Pose’, this particular pose comes naturally to babies because of how it mimics their positioning inside the womb. You also get to highlight the cuteness of baby’s face with minimal props required. Most babies will naturally take to this pose so you don’t have to worry too much about their comfort and safety. Just be sure to shoot this baby photography idea on a soft surface, so the baby can lay comfortably in the taco pose for long periods of time.

This Baby Pictorial Idea is Perfect For

Sneaking in some photos of baby come nap time! This pose is practically second nature for some babies, as they have held this pose for most of their nine months, making this one of the easy photoshoot ideas for babies that you can count on. This is also a great photo to have for parents that wish to document the size of their child’s hands and feet as toddlers or infants!

Furry Friends

Hoomans aren’t the only one welcoming a new member of the house. Some babies have fuzzy older siblings that are more than ready to be their lifelong best friend. A memorable and easy photoshoot idea for babies that share their parents with their fuzzy older siblings is to pose them with said fur babies! Pose the baby with their furry friends in a safe and comfortable manner that won’t bring harm to either child or animal. After all, both are members of the family.

This Baby Pictorial Idea is Perfect For:  

Households with friendly fur babies. While this is a cute idea in concept, only do this if you are absolutely sure and safe with keeping your little one around your pets. Execute this baby photography idea only after you fur children have gotten acquainted with your household’s newest addition. If you are confident its safe, dress up both your baby and pets in matching outfits or props and be sure to keep a bag of treats handy for furry kiddos during the day of the shoot to reward their good behavior!

Mother Nature

Want a splash of greenery in your child’s baby book? Pose your little on among flowers, succulents, or harmless ornamental plants for an adorably cute photo that Mother Nature herself would love. Swaddle the baby in a simple blanket in earthy tones like greens or browns to protect them from the dirt while limiting their movement. Not only is this a refreshingly modern baby photography idea—it will also look amazing when framed up because of the varying colors and textures.

This Baby Pictorial Idea is Perfect For:

Families with existing gardens and plant collections. If shooting this at home, collecting an assortment of your potted plants should prove easy enough. Create a simple flat lay and surround your tot with safe, non-prickly and non-toxic plants from your collection. Take the photo from a bird’s view angle and apply some professional photo editing services for full effect. This is also a great option for families that are passionate about nature or the outdoors. If you are availing of the services of a professional photographer, simply let them know your concept. Chances are, they can mimic the nature vibe you want with potted plants or faux grass in the studio!

We hope that these five baby pictorial ideas can help inspire you as you document your little one’s first few months or years! Every baby is a unique bundle of joy, so tweaking these ideas to suit their personality and yours is bound to be a fun family activity that your little one will come to appreciate when they are old enough to see the value of these photos. If you are shooting these baby photography ideas at home, avail of trusted baby photo editing services from the experts to elevate your final shots or partner with a professional photo studio for the full experience!

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