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Paper Boat is a creative agency that merges digital design with traditional crafts to create spectacular digital illustrations. Our team is made of top illustrators and concept artists. We specialise in photo retouching, graphic design, illustration, animation and character design.

Our random thoughts on Design and Art

Good business or shameless plug?

For American football fans there isn’t an event much bigger on the social calendar than The Super Bowl. An annual championship game of the NFL (National Football League), the highest level of the sports profession, to say the event draws in a a huge crowd would be an understatement. Naturally a large crowd provides a great advertising opportunity with companies jostling for premium commercial air time space at halftime. However at $3.5 M per 30 second spot is this good business or a simply overhyped publicity opportunity? commercial about a person’s singing inner self confidence.

 Toyota Reinvented commercial about all the things that are perfect when reinvented, including a plant that catches thieves and a curtain made out pizza. 

Honda CRV Commercial featuring Matthew Broderick, acting as himself.

The Super Bowl has a colourful history of great, cutting edge campaigns and for 2012 it would seem companies such as Audi, H&M and GoDaddy have all chosen to participate. The 2012 difference being companies have taken the chance to make their commercials go viral in attempt to get the most out of their investments. By using social media outlets to promote their business they can reach a large audience and create a buzz around the commercial before it airs. However, it could be argued that perhaps this belittles the actual screening at the Super Bowl event as it has already been viewed and could be seen as predicable. Does this take away from the atmosphere of the games and one of it’s founding qualities? This is open to personal opinion but if so it may prove the Super Bowl to be just an ad agencies hyped excuse for promotion when their investments may be better placed elsewhere.

Platinum FMD

08 Mar 2013

Platinum FMD is very similar to Paper Boat Creative. We work on the same sort of graphic design and photo retouching to have new and creative results.

We are constantly seeing pictures in our line of work and are constantly being inspired and Platinum FMD is just one of those that we feel are really really great!

We especially like the image of the girl about to race with cheetahs. It has a beautiful tone to it, it feels as though it could be used to present some kind of sports event or sports wear. 

This is another company that we will be keeping a close eye on for inspiration and just to generally see their incredibly created images.

Unlike most street artist, Kurt Wenner isn’t set out to have his work stay around for hundreds of years and be known forever, as he does his art in chalk. Although it is more likely to remain in your memory better because it literally jumps out at you.

He creates these amazing 3D images on floors and walls, in various locations, but he does it with such detail it looks so real.

How one man can have such amazing talent is beyond us but we love it and really respect him!

This advert has been one that everyone is talking about! It features a small Shetland pony dancing around some cliffs, doing the moon walk and everything.

Created by the mobile network Three, this is definitely one of the best trending adverts we have seen for a while.

It’s fun, it’s creative and everyone loves it! 

We would like to congratulate the makers of this advert as we all think they have done a very nice job! Well done! (: