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Paper Boat is a creative agency that merges digital design with traditional crafts to create a commercial look for our clients. We specialise in graphic design, photo retouching, art direction, illustration, paper crafts, animation, character design and web design.

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Getty Images – 3D Honeycomb illustration

Getty Images 3D Honeycomb | Illustration

  • Client: A merge of 3D modeling and photo retouching – the original photo is of the model holding nothing in a plain studio.

Gatorade – NBA Print Ad – DDB Manila

Gatorade NBA Print Ad | Graphic Designing

  • Client: A series of three posters created and published all over South East Asia, under the supervision of DDB Philippines. Wires were photographed separately and then photo-retouched in to the layout. Images of the athletes were provided by the NBA.

Stuart McClymont - Photo retouching

Stuart McClymont – Natural Beauty | High End Photo Retouch Service

  • Client: We were tasked to create the illusion of a small flower looking large enough to support a person. When a small object is photographed, it has a very short depth of field, meaning areas around the sharp spot get very blurry. With photography knowledge paired with meticulous photo retouching, we managed to combine about 8 different elements into one seamless piece.

Michael Blann – Mobile Communication – Photo Retouching

Michael Blann – Mobile Communication | Professional Photo Retouching Services

  • Client: This is a combination of two photographs and digital illustration to create the illusion of light.

Barradoro Entertainments web design - made by "The Paper Boat Creative"

Barradoro Entertainment | Website Design

  • Client: This company hosts exclusive parties in 5-star and A-list locations across the globe. The website needed to show an interactive travel itinerary of all the events happening. We created an animated globe and map on Flash to show the travel times. We also created a private login section for members to check their day to day itinerary.

Zamora Legal Consulting Website Design

Zamora Legal Consulting | Website Design

  • Client: Our client is a budding lawyer in Brooklyn, New York. She wanted a simple yet youthful website to display her services. We opted for yellow, grey and white as the combination felt clean, fresh yet fun and quirky.

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Paper Boat's team of highly skilled design and craft specialists bring commercial stand-out to your creative projects

Working from our London studio, Paper Boat’s creatives use their experience in photography, illustration, graphic design, animation, web design, copywriting, musical scoring and digital development to create the best creative solution for our clients. We understand that every client is different, providing a tailored service that precisely meets their unique needs.

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