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Paper Boat is a creative agency that merges digital design with traditional crafts to create a commercial look for our clients. We specialise in graphic design, photo retouching, art direction, illustration, paper crafts, animation, character design and web design.

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Shoes of Prey – Australia – Photo Retouch

  • Client: Photographer Susie Gregson commissioned us to retouch all photos for their latest campaign. The backgrounds needed to be recreated to match the shoes.


Barclay’s – Giant Pound Coin – Photo Retouch

  • Client: Photo retouching project where we had to shrink down photos of models as well as merge several photos of a single pound coin to look sharp from front to back. The rope is fully illustrated on the computer.


Gatorade – NBA Print Ad – DDB Manila

  • Client: A series of three posters created and published all over South East Asia, under the supervision of DDB Philippines. Wires were photographed separately and then photo-retouched in to the layout. Images of the athletes were provided by the NBA.


Nick Ballon – Funny Business – Photo Retouch

  • Client: With a team of three prop makers, we first art directed a series of 20 layouts for this shoot, all around people wearing 3D paper costumes. We were limited with time and budget, so only half of most costumes were created. The back half you see in the layout is all illustrated, extracted from real paper and paint textures.


European Youth Council – Annual Report (Belgium)

  • Client: We created the design and layout for 54 pages of the programme. There were multiple events happening simultaneously during the festival so the layout needed to be simple enough for readers to navigate quickly from section to section.


Rua Lua – ECommerce Website Design

  • Client: An e-commerce site built for a company selling hand made, organic garments and accessories from South Asia. The theme was to be like a traveller’s diary. So the content inside each open diary page looks like a collage of stamps, photographs and hand written notes, all customizable by the client.


Paper Boat's team of highly skilled design and craft specialists bring commercial stand-out to your creative projects

Working from our London studio, Paper Boat’s creatives use their experience in photography, illustration, graphic design, animation, web design, copywriting, musical scoring and digital development to create the best creative solution for our clients. We understand that every client is different, providing a tailored service that precisely meets their unique needs.

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